Stay Of Execution

Stone Axe

The fans of STONE AXE are in for a treat. "Stay Of Execution" is a raft […]
By Will Travers
May 26, 2022
Stone Axe - Stay Of Execution album cover

The fans of STONE AXE are in for a treat. "Stay Of Execution" is a raft of unreleased tracks, well eight to be precise, landing to be absorbed into libraries and enjoyed by all. All the tracks were recorded between 2008 & 2011 covering an eclectic range of musical styles to cater to even the most diverse palate. The artwork is a nice piece, seemingly looking like it was pulled straight from the 70's ready to be a part of your library today.

Opening the record is "Fell On Deaf Ears" and it is FILTHY. Bluesy and pounding. The riffs propel the track along without tiring throughout. The drums are eloquently put together, with Tony seemingly moving around the kit with a fluency that I can only imagine takes years to master. "Lady Switchblade" slows down a bit, but that underlying groove is still there. The ebb and flow of the track's structure just makes it so relaxing, like I could drive hours in the sun with this rolling through my speakers, it is just so sublime.

"Deep Blue" is another nice stripped back track. Like if you removed the vocals, it could easily be that calming, yet catchy tune you hear in a lift, or when on hold. But a better analogy is what music would flow through the ocean, that silky smooth tones that just wash over you (see what I did there?). I sincerely hope that that is the desired effect, because if it is; well STONE AXE absolutely nailed it. If you were nice and relaxed after that, well then get an injection of "Metal Damage" to give you a sharp wake up. That 70's Hard Rock tones permeating through my speakers just makes me want to get up and move, singing along and just really getting into this fantastic music.

"For All Who Fly" is a bit more Bluesy again, even possibly delving into Country Rock. But again, the tones are just so relaxing, whilst it might not be my go to pulse raising, hard driving, skull splitting styles (sorry STONE AXE, I'm just on a bit of a KREATOR binge at the minute!) it really actually does a fantastic job of helping me to unwind after a long long day.

I'd like to leave the last couple of tracks for you to discover yourself. But rest assured, that silky smooth styling prevails throughout. Overall, this is some solid music, well written and performed and would do well in anyones library. It is just simply so relaxing and I'm loving it!

8 / 10


"Stay Of Execution" Track-listing:

1. Fell On Deaf Ears
2. Lady Switchblade
3. Sweet Sweet Time
4. Deep Blue
5. Metal Damage
6. For All Who Fly
7. King Of Everything
8. The Last Setting Sun

Stone Axe Lineup:

Dru Brinkerhoff - Vocals
Tony Reed - Instrumentals / Vocals

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