Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett has earned the reputation of being one of Britain's finest composers and guitarists. […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
March 16, 2005
Steve Hackett - Metamorpheus album cover

Steve Hackett has earned the reputation of being one of Britain's finest composers and guitarists. He has played with music monsters such as Peter Gabriel, The Mahavinsu Orchestra, Genesis, Steve Howe and many other artists. His complex and distinctive playing contributed heavily to their early success, developing an elegance and sophistication which have become his trademark and he has since achieved consistent solo success internationally.
However as time went by Steve discovered his talent in composing for the classical guitar. This is an artist who has retained his integrity and yet has enjoyed sales in the millions worldwide through his various bands and solo projects, who delivers not only as a brilliant Rock guitarist and songwriter but also as a sensitive composer in the classical vein. Although not originally a classical player, Steve endeavours to enlarge the existing repertoire by writing timeless pieces for acoustic guitar and one of these was given the seal of approval by the famous Yehudi Menuhin.
This is really NOT an easy album to listen to and comprehend! You must devote a certain amount of time to let it awaken your senses and then the whole truth will strike you like lightning! It is obviously highly recommended for guitarists and other mad creatures as well but the majority of open hearted and open eared people will adore it and hold it in their hearts forever! The atmosphere at a certain point is very agonizing and from time to time it can cover a huge range of emotions such as anger, passion, pain, love, devotion, glorification, the fear of death, life's expectations, anticipation and countless more! You are strongly recommended to have a pile of napkins next to you to wipe off the occasional tears which will undoubtedly fall from your eyes if you let this music surround your inner self!
Even though someone can not really discriminate between the diamonds in this album,  top moments include: One Real Flower, That Vast Life, Cahron's Call, Under The World - Orpheus Looks Back, Return To The Realm Of Eternal Renewal.
There can be no denying that Hackett is a legend whose reputation rests on sheer talent, sensitive playing and a never failing ability to challenge and intrigue his audience.  It is really not possible to give this record a rating. Certain things are beyond ranking and certainly Steve Hackett's past and previous work belongs in this category! It is better to live this audio masterpiece and let it touch our heart and let us find the answers we so desperately seek for a long period of time! Just for reasons of being typical this gem goes for...

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Metamorpheus" Track-listing:

The Pool of Memory and the Pool of Forgetfulness
To Earth Like Rain
Song To The Nature
One Real Flower
The Dancing Ground
That Vast Life
Eurydice Taken
Cahron's Call
Cerberus At Peace
Under The World - Orpheus Looks Back
The Broken Lyre
Return To The Realm Of Eternal Renewal

Steve Hackett Lineup:

Steve Hackett - Guitar

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