Steve Dalton

Steve Dalton is a guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Sheffield, England and […]
April 21, 2022
Steve Dalton - Primitive album cover

Steve Dalton is a guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Sheffield, England and now is living in Sölvesborg in Southern Sweden. In 2016, Steve Dalton released a first solo project called STEEL CITY which consisted of demos featuring Alessandro Del Vecchio on vocals. Following on, Steve Dalton wrote another set of songs which culminated in his debut album "Primitive." The album contains nine tracks.

"Road to Redemption" opens the album. It begins with strong vocal harmonies in a mid-tempo pace. The melodies are pretty bright in the song, which fluctuates between moments of sorrow and moments of hope. "Shapeshifter" begins with a bit of a bluesy groove, that opens up with keyboard melodies and really nice vocals. Again, the song features both sadder notes and more positive ones, but never really commits to either. "2020" is perhaps a statement song on the affairs of this COVID fueled year. It's the third mid-tempo song in a row but this one has stronger melodies. I am not sure what the message is about...don't trust the mainstream media?"

"Listen to the Wiseman" is yet another mid-tempo song with some well-done lead guitar melodies. The chorus is a bit weak but the melodies are strong and memorable. "Rise Above/Victory" opens with acapella vocals that are done with harmonies at times. Again, really nice lead guitar work here. I like the breezy, care-free attitude of the song, and the message is strong as well. "Digital Prison" is the first song that breaks the mid-tempo pacing. It roars out of the gate in the verse but slows in the chorus. The melody drags out a bit towards the end, but it's a lingering and pleasing sound. "Bloodstained Eyes" is more of what one might call a power ballad, at least until the sound is kicked up a few bars into the song. At times it feels melancholy, while other times empowering.

"Salome - Usurper" is an eight-minute opus that begins with keys, piano and vocals. A hardened riff comes in along with more keys in support. Though the melodies are strong here, the sound does meander a bit under the length of the song. "Where Did the Years Go" closes the album. It's a statement on the hands of time passing whether or not we want them to or not. Tender melodies combine with a tough guitar riff and some really strong vocal harmonies.

Overall, Steve did the best job with his sense of melody on the album. He has a strong nose for how to build memorable moments with a care-free attitude. Many of the songs lingered on my palate long after they played. One critique would be that too many of the songs had the same pace. However, he assembled a nice cast of vocalists to go along with his smooth style.

7 / 10









"Primitive" Track-listing:

1. Road to Redemption
2. Shapeshifter
3. 2020
4. Listen to the Wiseman
5. Rise Above/Victory
6. Digital Prison
7. Bloodstained Eyes
8. Salome - Usurper
9. Where Did the Years Go

Steve Dalton Lineup:

Steve Dalton - All Music
Raphael Gazal - Vocals
David Saylor - Vocals
Ross Griggs - Vocals

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