II: Destructive Interference Generator

Stellar Master Elite

Imagine time and space disappearing on a journey beyond various dimensions, nothing seems like what […]
By Emily Coulter
October 10, 2013
Stellar Master Elite - II: Destructive Interference Generator album cover

Imagine time and space disappearing on a journey beyond various dimensions, nothing seems like what it is and you're longing for a world beyond your imagination. STELLAR MASTER ELITE is the soundtrack to that.

The blackened Doom Metal duo would obviously have a challenge on their hands if they were to name their band after a THORNS song, but they have created a near perfect album.

DESTRUCTIVE INTERFACE GENERATOR is an album what can only be described as blackened cosmic Doom. The album has a lot of industrial elements involved especially in tracks "Prodigium" and "Thought Crimes / Villian/Slave". Sampling used in the tracks also make you really think about the lyrics, "Destrictive Interface Generator" is an example of this, the lyrics speak about a war against higher power which makes it perfect for the Industrial / Doom elements to mix.

"Empty Shells of Being" the closing track to the album has a sound what you could easily compare to SATYRICON's music especially their song ''K.I.N.G''. Halfway through the track there is a Djent / Jazz infused riff, which you would think would not fit in at all but fits perfectly and really makes it stand out against the other tracks.

This is 45 minutes of your life you need to spend listening to this album. Ben Borucki of SONIC REIGN has performed vocals on over half the songs on the album. DESTRUCTIVE INTERFACE GENERATOR is a Black Metal album which has a kick what makes it addictive to listen to, easily making it on to a list of the best Black Metal albums produced.

The band obviously have big things ahead with this release through Exciter Records, fans of SATYRICON, EMPORER, DIMMU BORGIR will heavily appreciate the album.

8 / 10


"II: Destructive Interference Generator" Track-listing:

1. Prodigium
2. Thought Crimes/Villian/Slave
3. Beyond Light
4. Pattern of Perception
5. Prison Planet
6. The Morbius Strip
7. Destrictive Interface Generator
8. Empty Shells of Being

Stellar Master Elite Lineup:

Dave - Guitars / Bass / Synth
Marco - Drums / Vocals

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