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STEELWINGS, heavy metal band from Laholm, Sweden have recently signed a worldwide multialbum deal with […]
January 16, 2023
Steelwings - Still Rising album cover

STEELWINGS, heavy metal band from Laholm, Sweden have recently signed a worldwide multialbum deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS and have released their third full-length album "Still Rising" on November 25, 2022. Since the band formed in 1982 and released their self-titled debut album in 1989, then went on an unexplained extended hiatus before resurfacing thirty years later in 2019 with the release of "Back". The current line-up features the founding members Tommy Söderström on vocals, Michael Lindman and Gert-Inge Gustafsson on guitars. I'll let their press release take it from here: STEELWINGS play classic hard rock/heavy metal with roots firmly from the eighties. They were formed in 1982 and were part of the FWOSHM (First Wave Of Swedish Heavy Metal) The band played a lot of shows during this time and the music was mainly spread by tape-trading. In 1983 the band went to England and recorded two songs, the song "Live Your Life" is featured on their 'Metal Plated' compilation album. They also appeared on the charity record Swedish Metal Aid, together with other Swedish heavy rock bands such as EUROPE, TREAT and HEAVY LOAD. Sounds like the supreme forces of the 80's metal God's wanted this band back together again, so let's see if they "RISE" to the occasion.

Opening fast and furious with "Hell or High Water" with rapid driven riffs surrounding a mix of clean screams and gutty vocals and a quite catchy singalong able chorus. Track two is about as simple as it gets on "Stand up and Fight", a punk sound with a mixture of the RAMONES lick over vocals that sound like UDO, a feeble song saved by a nice, gritty guitar solo wrapping it up. Returning strong on "Break of Day" keeping the UDO vibe going with crashing, punching riffs all tied up majestically, this song has a lot of balls. The next couple of songs "Like a Shadow in the Night" and "Rocket" sounded like SAXON with slower tempo and deepened vocals, accompanied by hearty, classic riffs and some snarky guitar chops to finish off nicely. The album ends on a down note with "Heat of the Night", a song that felt ready to let loose but staggered like a punch-drunk fighter,

Except for a couple of true rockers, most of "Still Rising" was flat and slow paced, and dare I say, mundane. My best comparison is this, I felt like I was watching the back-up band while waiting for the headliner, just sitting in my seat drinking my beer, when I should be standing and headbanging. This album has its moments, just not enough of them.

6 / 10

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"Still Rising" Track-listing:

1. Hell Or High Water
2. Stand Up And Fight
3. Break Of Day
4. Hey Hey
5. Like A Shadow In The Night
6. Rocket
7. My Rock' n Roll
8. Rock On
 9. Easy To Go
10. Heat Of The Night

Steelwings Lineup:

Tommy Söderström - vocals
Michael Lindman - guitars
Gert-Inge Gustafsson - guitars
Peter Fredriksson - bass
Marcus Fritiofsson - drums

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