Still Hard (DVD)


If you happen to see Michael Matijevic (born Miljenko Matijevic) crossing the street in your […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 15, 2008
Steelheart - Still Hard album cover

If you happen to see Michael Matijevic (born Miljenko Matijevic) crossing the street in your area chances are you won't even notice, even if STEELHEART used to be (or still is) one of your favorite last-season-of-Hair-Metal-era bands and songs like Can't Stop Me Lovin' You, She's Gone, I'll Never Let You Go and Sticky Side Up have haunted your mind repeatedly. Since in a few days STEELHEART's 'comeback' album is to be released - entitled Good 2b Alive (much will be said regarding Miljenko's present aspect & past experience, I assume) - we'll just focus on this 'retrospect' double DVD release, formerly available only through the band's website but - eventually - now heading to retail stores, too.
STEELHEART enjoyed grand success with their same-titled debut in 1990 (formed a little bit late for the genre's likes). Their follow-up, Tangled in Reigns (1992), was an equally impressive follow-up album but did not score equivalent fame/sales (the Grunge typhoon was on its way, whatsoever); the original lineup's existence (after Matijevic's serious injury during a concert in Denver, CO, supporting SLAUGHTER) brought eerie silent afterwards. The Wait album (with a new lineup) in 1996 and Matijevic's performance in the Rock Star movie (and OST) was what we last heard from the - Born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1964 - ultra-talented frontman/songwriter. And we should not forget STEELHEART's appearance in last year's Rocklahoma fest.
Disc 1: We have the chance to see a full gig the band performed in Osaka, Japan during their tour for promoting their debut album. The band's nasty and it's obvious they deliver the goods in easy in front of a strong crowd. Michael's vocals are over the top and the shredding lunacy of Chris Risola takes no prisoners. Nearly the whole songlist off the Steelheart LP is included, with special reference to a great unreleased song called Girl Gone Crazy. Then, we take a shitload off all STEELHEART promo videos (blue shirts and kilts rule!) plus half a dozen off acoustic TV performances during a Hong Kong promo tour (Wait scored grand sales over there, while - license issues? - it was not released in America/Europe; now it's available via the band's official site). Of special interest is the mood/maturity/tranquility Matijevic's voice is in.
Disc 2: This is the 'bonus goodies' section, with TV appearances, 'making of's, interviews, a 1993 'bootleg' gig in Connecticut (hometown of the band) and - last but not least - a 2-minute video footage depicting the accident in Denver (copying from Matijevic decided to climb a lighting truss, which was improperly secured. Matijevic tried to dodge the massive rig, but without success. The 1,000 pound truss hit Matijevic on the back of the head, face first into the stage breaking his nose, cheekbone, jaw and twisting his spine. Matijevic managed to walk off the stage and he was immediately taken to a hospital).
So, this is the STEELHEART '90s material' compilation DVD; a double dose of the deeds of a notable American Hard Rock act. Is it worth the price/any price? Hell yeah! Not only does it feature lots of stuff, not only the sound/vision applications are worth it, it - eventually - is the only companion you can have from STEELHEART apart from the studio LPs. Edited/produced by Matijevic and Vincenzo Distefano, this is a priority release for fans of this blend of American 'boulevard' Hard Rock. Really, u gotta have it!

8 / 10


"Still Hard (DVD)" Track-listing:

Disc 1

Japan Tour '90:
- Love Ain't Easy
- Like Never Before
- Gimmie Gimmie
- Girl Gone Crazy
- I'll Never Let You Go
- Can't Stop Me Lovin' You
- Drum/Guitar Solo
- Rock N' Roll (I Just Wanna)
- I'll Never Let You Go
- Can't Stop Me Lovin' You
- She's Gone
- Everybody Loves Eileen
- Sticky Side Up
- Wait
Acoustic Show (Hong Kong):
- She's Gone
- Sheila
- Mama Don't You Cry
- Electric Chair
- Shangrila

Disc 2

Toad's Place '91 (Bootleg Concert):
- Backstage
- Like Never Before
- Everybody Loves Eileen
- Instrumental Jam
- Sheila
- I'll Never Let You Go
- She's Gone
- Down 'N Dirty
- I'll Never Let You Go (TV)
- She's Gone (TV)
- Everybody Loves Eileen (The Making Of)
- She's Gone (Alternate Version)
- Photo Gallery
- Interview - London '90
- Interview - New Haven '91
- Interview - Hollywood '92
- Tangled In Reins (The Making Of)
- Soundcheck
- The Accident In Denver

Steelheart Lineup:

Michael Matijevic - Lead Vocals
Chris Risola - Lead Guitars
Frank DiCostanzo - Rhythm Guitars
John Fowler - Drums
James Ward - Bass

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