Starsick System

Coming all guns blazing out of north-east Italy, STARSICK SYSTEM wear their influences clearly on […]
By Mark Sworder
May 18, 2015
Starsick System - Daydreamin' album cover

Coming all guns blazing out of north-east Italy, STARSICK SYSTEM wear their influences clearly on their sleeve with their album, "Daydreamin'". Featuring plenty of energetic riffs and rhythms, and a vocal attack that is full of passion an angst, the band deliver a solid 45 minutes of modern tinged Hard Rock!

Immediately obvious is the inspiration taken from the likes of ALTER BRIDGE, with the vocals of Marco Sandron at times verging on an imitation of Myles Kennedy. Often, this level of tribute could be a negative, but with how enjoyable and energetic the performance is, STARSICK SYSTEM get away with it here.

The song writing is solid throughout, with plenty of good riffs and big choruses that are simply begging for live performances. The frantic "Spit It Out", unrelenting "Believe" and anthemic title track, "Daydreamin'", would be sure to draw a big reaction from corners of both the traditional Rock and Metal crowds. Fourth track, "Tomorrow" brilliantly blends a more relaxed vibe with the expected heavier grooves, and also allows for some more original vocal work.

STARSICK SYSTEM are definitely a band who benefit from multiple listens, as, once you're accustomed to the classic and familiar elements of their sound, the subtleties they use start to become evident. Here and there, synths can be heard, which really adds to the modern feel. The track "Don't Fly Away" makes use of a rhythm in sections that could be described as Pop-Punk-esque, which adds a youthful energy to the classic vibe. These are the kind of unexpected but enjoyable features that help to give the band their own identity.

A solid slab of Hard Rock, "Daydreamin'" blends a vintage and well known sound with a polished and modern production. It's kick-ass yet comforting simultaneously! With more catchy riffs and sleazy grooves than you can shake a stick at, one can only hope that the energy that STARSICK SYSTEM capture on a recording translates into a live setting!

8 / 10


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"Daydreamin'" Track-listing:

1. Start Again
2. Spit It Out
3. Believe
4. Tomorrow
5. Interlude
6. Pull The Trigger
7. Don't Fly Away
8. Let It Go
9. Last Goodbye
10. Strong
11. Back In Time
12. Daydreamin'

Starsick System Lineup:

Marco Sandron - Vocals and Rhythm Guitars
Valeria "Pizzy" Battain - Bass
David "Dave D." Donati - Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Ivan Moni Bidin - Drums

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