Loveless Fascination


I was very excited before listening to this here album. Within this special line-up there […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
October 21, 2013
Starship - Loveless Fascination album cover

I was very excited before listening to this here album. Within this special line-up there is a presentation of talented musicians with hefy experience. STARSHIP is one of the most iconic Rock bands from the 80's, recording several of the decade's biggest AOR / Rock anthems, including "We Built This City", "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" and "Sara". STARSHIP, featuring Mickey Thomas, is making a comeback with this new album "Loveless Fascination" in over two decades.

"It's Not The Same As Love" has a fantastic main riff, impressive solo, a set of vocals of the 80's vintage, and a catchy chorus following the old AEROSMITH style, easily memorable stuff nonetheless on this five minutes potential hit. The title commercial track "Loveless Fascination" has some similarity to modern ravers of MAROON 5, especially with riff and singing patterns that resembled the latter's early hit, "This Love". Thomas has such an amazing vocal ability. "How Do You Sleep?" seemed to be clinging to the electronic additions making it a Pop / Rock romance fling. There is a feel of later BON JOVI and DEF LEPPARD with its smoothness. "Technicolor Black And White" has a fine melodic vibe with elements of Blues and kick ass guitars, pulsating drums & bass driven by DEEP PURPLE elegance. "Where Did We Go Wrong?" is one of those strong ballads of the 80's, true BON JOVI signature on this one. Well-intentioned are also: the catchy "You Never Know" with melodic and commercial sound and ballads: "You Deny Me", "What Did I Ever Do?" and "How Will I Get By?" that is a heart stopper.

"Loveless Fascination" can be a hitting point for classic Rock fans. Produced with impressive values, there is a feel of nostalgia, mixture of Rock and Pop, dynamism and high level of expertise. After each listen, my rating of the music grew... Everyone who admires AOR surely will fall for the sounds of STARSHIP.

10 / 10


"Loveless Fascination" Track-listing:

1. It's Not The Same As Love
2. How Do You Sleep?
3. Loveless Fascination
4. What Did I Ever Do?
5. Technicolor Black And White
6. Where Did We Go Wrong?
7. How Will I Get By?
8. You Never Know
9. You Deny Me
10. Nothin' Can Keep Me From You

Starship Lineup:

Stephanie Calvert - Vocals
Mickey Thomas - Vocals
John Roth - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Adams - Bass, Vocals
Phil Bennett - Keyboards, Vocals
Darrell "Pelican" Verdusco - Drums, Vocals

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