Stampede Queen

Stampede Queen

This is Rock 'n' Roll, isn't it? Look at the tracks' titles, check the lineup […]
By Grigoris Chronis
July 5, 2006
Stampede Queen - Stampede Queen album cover

This is Rock 'n' Roll, isn't it? Look at the tracks' titles, check the lineup names, take a closer look at the cover and conclude this ain't nothing more that what guitarz-n-basz-n-drumz do under the 'booze' influence. This is the second STAMPEDE QUEEN album and you got another Rock party soundtrack comin' along to ya.
Phew...the Perris label does now have dozens of such artists in its roster. STAMPEDE QUEEN - 'born' six or seven tears ago - were first noticed due to the inclusion of their track Woman In A Fast Car in 2002's Hollywood Hairspray CD compilation (on the Perris label, of course!). Read the titles (again) an' judge what's all about. The debut album A Night In The Cockfights was delivered in late spring 2004 and this 'dirty' Rock 'n' Roll mix of simple 'driving' cuts the AC/DC-meets-GUNS N' ROSES-meets-THE DARKNESS way. This year's follow up - simply entitled as Stampede Queen sees the matching motion around. I seems that the booze ain't over yet...
...since the same formula is used again here. Loud guitars, furious bass and mid-tempo drumming sum it up to a good back up for Zack Daniels' dodgy throat. The band likes MOTLEY CRUE a lot in this one (and that's a good thing) and also likes VELVET REVOLVER as much (and that's semi-'out-of-interest'). Trying' to grab both new and ol' fans? Who knows...The good thing with this tracklist is that the first time you listen to the album no special interest will you find. The second 'take' is better and the thirst one is 'more better' (sic), too. Then you go to work and find yourself wistlin' to the melody of e.g. In It for The Money, Gone (...oh, my love...) or Ain't Lookin' For Love (Lookin' For A Lickin') (the latter one checkin' out the nasty brunette 'cross the street...), which adds points to the musical conception.
This path Stampede Queen walks on. Sleaze it, glam it, rock it, roll it and..if you wanna taste it, buy it. The babe on the cover looks 'that kill', already.

7 / 10


"Stampede Queen" Track-listing:

Kari Baby
In It For The Money
Liquor Store Girl
Beard Garden
The Bitch Is Back
Midnight Fever
Ain't Lookin' For Love (Lookin' For A Lickin')
Shes Got The Ace

Stampede Queen Lineup:

Zack Daniels - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Lynyrd DeVille - Drums & Vocals
Jon Bent - Guitar & Vocals
Ian Marshall Knox - Bass & Vocals

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