The Illusion Of Progress


STAIND are in the Alternative Rock scene over a decade now and they have already […]
By Yiannis Zervos
October 19, 2008
Staind - The Illusion Of Progress album cover

STAIND are in the Alternative Rock scene over a decade now and they have already released six albums. Their newest creation is The Illusion Of Progress and Roadrunner Records is making a big deal about this band obviously.

The fact that I am not a fan of the particular Alternative sound, that STAIND choose to produce, made my listening session of this CD something like torture. At some point I thought that I could die from the lack of interesting music. Sure it is very nice to have a nice melody in your head, a cool way to arrange your songs and awesome sound, but you just have to be creative guys. To repeat the same idea over and over again is something that made me to loose interest in this album early enough. I kept on listening of course because I was hoping for a glimpse of the talent that STAIND are known for, but nothing. The Illusion Of Progress might be the most boring album I heard this year.

Of course STAIND are not a Metal band, not even close to Hard Rock or any of its variations, but still I tried to find something to fool myself that this is the band that justifies all this media-fuzz, but still nothing my friends, still nothing.

"The Illusion Of Progress" Track-listing:

This Is It
The Way I Am
Save Me
All I Want
Pardon Me
Lost Along The Way
Break Away
Tangled Up In You
Raining Again
Rainy Day Parade
The Corner
Nothing Left To Say
It's Been Awhile
Schizophrenic Conversations

Staind Lineup:

Aaron Lewis - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Mushok - Guitar
Jon Wysocki - Drums, Percussion
Johnny April - Bass, Vocals

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