Spreading the Disease

SPREADING THE DISEASE are a Modern Metalcore band founded in 2014 in Kent in the […]
By Ross Donald
June 1, 2019
Spreading the Disease - Mindcell album cover

SPREADING THE DISEASE are a Modern Metalcore band founded in 2014 in Kent in the UK. They have released one full studio album with "Insurrection" in 2017 and are now back with a shorter EP to show what they still have to offer to the metal universe. The EP starts with the track "Obsessed" and serves as a good opener to the rest of the record with a headbang-worthy verse and a softer chorus that will make for a fun live crowd singalong. The production on the vocals could be a little better as it is a bit too quiet during the chorus but aside from that it's all good here. What I really was a fan of were the lyrics as the song is about trying to live up to society's expectations through social media and how we should be what we want to be. Powerful words for the world we find ourselves stuck in today.

Next up is the main single from the EP: "Voices" and I can see why it was chosen as such, seeing as it showcases the band's musicianship at its best. It begins with an almost SLIPKNOT like intro before slowing down to a crawl while Conner sings about the good and bad voices in his head, before bursting back into a vicious verse and big chorus, similar to the opening song. Another damn fine track. We then move onto "The Anger Inside" which is one of the shorter tracks on the album and probably the one I had the most fun with as it's just non-stop high energy for its near four minute run time and has a chorus that will definitely have a big live crowd singing along. The same can be said for the final track "Conflicted" which is another loud and energetic song that works well to end proceedings.

The biggest highlight of the album comes on the form of the penultimate track "Waves" which shows the band at their very best from both a songwriting stance and a musical stance. This is the longest track on the album at 6:04 and managed to keep my interest with every second that passed. It has a nice mix of heavy and soft moments with a good message as the song is about living your life the way you want and making the most of what you have. A great, rare little guitar solo in the middle seals the deal and is enough to make this the best track on offer.

Out of the three EPs I've reviewed so far, this one is easily my favourite so far as every song stands out on its own and can be considered a highlight. My only gripe is with the production needing a bit of work but aside from that I have nothing else to complain about. This is a band I want to hear more from and I'll be a keeping an eye out. Metalcore does get a bit of a bad rap nowadays with some sub-par bands hanging around, but bands like SPREADING THE DISEASE and PARKWAY DRIVE show that the genre is still alive and kicking, and can be great with the right musicians at the forefront.

8 / 10









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"Mindcell" Track-listing:

1. Obsession
2. Voices
3. The Anger Inside
4. Waves
5. Conflicted

Spreading the Disease Lineup:

Steve Saunders - Bass and BVs
Jack Apella - Drums and Samples
Connor Russell Snyder - Lead Vocals
James Falconer - Lead Guitars
Martin Osborne - Guitars and Vocals

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