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Sporae Autem Yuggoth

SPORAE AUTEM YUGGOTH is a death/doom band from Chile that formed in 2019.  "However It […]
Sporae Autem Yuggoth - However It Still Moves album cover

SPORAE AUTEM YUGGOTH is a death/doom band from Chile that formed in 2019.  "However It Still Moves,' is their debut full length album; they also released an EP in 2020. Every now and then I review an album that impresses me so much I just go ahead and come out and say it.  So here it goes again:  'However It Still Moves,' is a fantastic journey of deep, dark, death/doom that will appeal to any fan of the genre.  It is as cavernous as funeral doom but, at times, can be very straightforward in its approach when they let their death metal side out.  Though no light shines through, it is an atmospheric album.  Keys are used throughout but they don't take center stage-instead they are used to enhance what is already there by applying themselves as a blanket of sorrowful, subtle sound.

The guitars have a classic feel to them, a combination of melodic and Gothic tones but bring much heaviness when called upon.  The songs on the album don't go out of their way to be more than what they are-everything is just where it should be, every note played when it needs to be played.  As such, the composition of this album is very put together, which in turn, leads to a mostly smoothflow.  The intro' Enantiodromia,' and outro 'The Night Ocean' somewhat kill the flow.  Neither are bad pieces but on their own they don't stand out.  I can't help but feel 'The Night Ocean,' would work better as the intro track instead of at the end.

The album begins with 'Apparition of Internal Odes,' and it provides a mysterious build up of ghostly, ambient noise and the bell tones.  The melodic guitars creep in near the 1:50 mark as the drums help keep the momentum going as a huge growl pierces the veil after slowing crushing with mountains riffs for four minutes, those lovely keys drip their brand of ethereal doom on top of them.  The mid portion speeds up the song, a rumbling contrast to the preceding minutes. This moment is a nice break in the tempo before settling back down to a slow grind to finish the song.  What an opener!

'Colossus Larvae:  The Crimson Coffin & The Scarlet Worm,' is a truly massive song.  This is a ten minute dirge, pure creeping and crawling atmosphere that worms its way into my brain, sort of feeding on it. At least that's what it sounds like-just a sick, trepidation filled atmosphere.  The thick riffs work their way through the fabric, testing the bravery of me as I wonder what could be around this next corner.  It very subtlety speeds up over time, adding more and more reasons to fear but still not letting go.
The last song I will talk about is the nearly 13 minute long monster 'Disguise The Odius Spirits.'  The wavy clean guitar and melodic bass sound almost beautiful, in a doom metal way.  Some sort of odd, ambient noise can be heard in the background (not sure what it is exactly but I assume it is from the keys) keeps that beauty from growing and just makes it seem suspect and even a bit...nervous sounding, if that makes sense.

The next few minutes are the band at their best:  slow riffs, tight rhythm section, deep vocals, and incredible usage of keys.  This song is hard to seems more like an experience than a song but it is one well worth having.  Not long after the halfway mark, the drums ramp the tempo up the riffs just grow to monstrous proportions.  A rather tense few minutes pass before the song ends in a less chaotic movement but one that is melodic and sees the song becoming oddly beautiful again.

SPORAE AUTEM YUGGOTH's is a near perfect album that delivers just about everything great about doom metal.  I just love how slow and encompassing the whole album is, how well it embraces its own darkness but can also belt out some burning notes when called upon.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"However It Still Moves" Track-listing:

1. Apparition of Internal Odes
2. The Pendulum of Necropath
3. Colosus Larvae: The Crimson Coffin & The Scarlet Worm
4. Disintegration
5. Disguise the Odius Spirits
6. Enantiodromia
7. Through Dominion to Interlude
8. The Night Ocean

Sporae Autem Yuggoth Lineup:

Alexis Gutiérrez - Bass
Diego Guzman - Drums
José Gallardo - Guitars
Patricio Araya - Vocals
Johanna Sánchez - Keyboards

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