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If you're looking for a mix of THE DEFILED and EMMURE then SPITBACK will be […]
By Emily Coulter
January 5, 2014
Spitback - Spitback album cover

If you're looking for a mix of THE DEFILED and EMMURE then SPITBACK will be your next favourite band. Combining modern Metal melodies with harsh vocals the Greek group know how to create an awesome self-titled album.

The album opens up with hard hitting track ''Scratch The Surface''Petros Tsigas has gravel throated rough vocals to accompany the deep bass tones from Marilena Gatsiou and distorted guitars from George VlahavasNikos Zografos's drum fills near the end give the song depth before heading into one more choruses. Just the drums are enough to get you excited for ''Inside'', a lot heavier than the previous and just keeps getting better throughout the song. Tsigas shows that no matter how harsh his vocals may be that he can project his rather large vocal range which matches perfectly with the consistent riffs and melodies. Compared to the last two songs it is hard to believe ''Another Day'' is by the same band till it breaks into the chorus. The band shows how they can go from heavy rock verse to a Hardcore influenced chorus in a matter of seconds and somehow make it work unlike other bands. To listen to this album it's a shock that they are unsigned; they're passionate with their lyrics and have a lot of talent inserted within each song.

''Never Gonna Stop'' is the shortest song of the self-titled album but by far the fastest! From the moment the 1.28 minute song's drumming begins you are automatically headbanging to the heavy guitar tones. If you need something, fast rough and loud then ''Never Gonna Stop'' is a sure hit. SPITBACK slows down a considerable amount for ''Without'', still as heavy as the rest of the tracks but with more of a hard rock vibe to it. Mix PEARL JAM with technical metal riffs and angry lyrics you achieve this song, ''Without'' gets even better with every minute it's played. ''Feel Nothing'' is proven fact that the Greek Metallers can't stay slow for long, hitting back with raw power and heavy melodies. Compared to the previous the guitars are more simple and simplistic and the drums are slightly plain but in no way does it stop them from creating more greatness. When ''Faded Glory'' begins, it seems that SPITBACK have taken on another genre in their crossover vibe. Harsh vocals and Djent-esque riffs make a sound so unique to the band that it's hard to compare to another, the closest being FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH or MESHUGGAH.The only way that ''Faded Glory'' could have been better was if the guitars had a heavier tone and the drums had more technicality but Nikos Zografos makes a great job overall.

SPITBACK never hold back with how heavy they can go with ''Feed'', it may only be 2.09 minutes long but it really does get you excited for the next half of the album with the constant changing tempo's which go perfectly alongside Schmitt's rough edge vocals. ''All I'' is a mix of ''Without'' and ''Faded Glory'' but made so much harder and better, an obvious contender for the best song of the album. The track is mostly fast and easy to head bang to but the slow part's just build up the song even more. SPITBACK have such a unique sound, bringing so many genre's into one it's proven they have so much talent to give. Anger, fast riffs and even faster drums are the recipe for ''No I Am Not''.This is a song to be blasted out at top volume only, nothing lower than that! One of the top 3 best songs on the album by far distinguishing their own personal sound with rip roaring solo's inserted with hollow drumming.

''Fuckin' Care'' is quite a generic Metalcore track, one of the weakest of the self-titled but not disappointing. Tsigas's vocals sound slightly strained when hitting the high notes, but the distorted riffs of George Vlahavas make up for it, accompanied by a deep bass from Marilena Gatsiou. The song goes on a little too long for the mind to keep attention but the ending surely is heavy. ''Get Away'' is the weakest song of the album, sounding to much like previous songs from the album it is disappointing that all the tracks seem to get weaker nearing the end. ''Get Away'' has more of a Hard Rock feel to it but it's a common thought that they have tried too hard with this and just ruining what could have been great. A little less teenage angst and a bit more originality could have made this a hit. Penultimate track ''Shots'' is fuelled of unoriginal Metalcore riffs with Hardcore influenced drum fills. It's almost a relief that ''Shots'' ends so abruptly at 2:49. The final song is ''Back Down Again'' which sounds extremely close to any song from ASKING ALEXANDRIA's ''Reckless and Relentless''. It is a good song to end the album with but it feels they just gave up with the final four songs when it could have been done so much better. The only positives here are Gatsiou's bass skills and the various effects on Tsigas's vocals.

Overall SPITBACK are a great band and there is no doubt about it, but a majority of the album does not have originality or sounds very rushed in recording. They will obviously get big within the next 3-4 years if they can keep up an original sound because Greece has produced a kick ass Metalcore group. 

8 / 10


"Spitback" Track-listing:

1. Scratch The Surface
2. Inside
3. Another Day
4. Never Gonna Stop
5. Without
6. Feel Nothing
7. Faded Glory
8. Feed
9. All I
10. No I Am Not
11. Fuckin Care
12. Get Away
13. Shots
14. Back Down Again

Spitback Lineup:

Petros Tsigas - Vocals
George Vlahavas - Guitars
Marilena Gatsiou - Bass
Nikos Zografos - Drums

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