Time For Global Refusal

Spirit Of Rebellion

SPIRIT OF REBELLION was formed in 2001 in Quebec, Canada. Their style is deeply reminiscent […]
By Hari Narayanan
December 18, 2020
Spirit Of Rebellion - Time For Global Refusal album cover

SPIRIT OF REBELLION was formed in 2001 in Quebec, Canada. Their style is deeply reminiscent of that of BLASHPHEMY and CONQUEROR, the pioneering and strongest forces of Black/Death, Bestial Black Metal, War Metal, or whatever you want to refer to this style as. Their new album "Time For Global Refusal" is a testament to this sound. The album is hard hitting and intricate. It comes at you like a rabid dog and leaves you in writhing pain and a disturbed conscious. The first track "Idiocy Enshrined" puts you in the middle of the action with the crazy instrumentation and the great vocals. The song writing is of great quality.

"Act Of Rebellion" starts with bludgeoning instrument action and follows through with that till the end. Even when the band goes slow on the throttle, the structure remains tight and amazingly held together. The vocals switch up to a disgusting deeper mode that is very exciting. The next song, "The Barren Hordes" steps up the game. It is the longest song on the record clocking in at around five minutes. The soloing on this song is just great. The guitar work on the whole has to be given credit as serving as the highlight to the whole album. The chugging riff pattern towards the end, coupled with the drawn out lead note leaves the listener at the tip of their toes in anticipation for the next one.

"Unsilenced Inquirer" is the fourth song on the album and it does not stand up to the rest of the songs in here. It feels rushed, and leaves on dry like a joke without a punch line. The drama setting up this track fails to deliver as the song itself is lacking in dynamic elements. It is a shot block of bludgeoning to head. That is all. "Bow To None" is one other song that has some quality to it. It is structured in a good way and has a purposeful direction. The leads are well used throughout and the drums shine here too. Here too, the soloing is one of the more interesting aspects.

In all, this album is a decent output from the band, and is arguably better than much of their former material. An album that comes to mind was CEREMONIAL BLOODBATH's new output. This album is comparable to that but falls short on many occasions. Black/Death Metal is a subgenre that is still young and fresh in its sound. The many materials that has came out in recent times has proved that right. This album holds up to that fact too.

7 / 10









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"Time For Global Refusal" Track-listing:

1. Idiocy Enshrined
2. Act Of Rebellion
3. The Barren Hordes
4. Unsilenced Inquirer
5. Collateral Damages
6. Onstensible Rewards
7. Bow To None
8. The Black Flame
9. Sovereignty
10. Outro

Spirit Of Rebellion Lineup:

JF Côté - Bass, Vocals
Francis Marmen - Drums
Nicolas Auclair - Guitars
JF Côté - Guitars
Steeven Landry - Vocals

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