Why Don't You


Those loyal followers of the Metal and Rock community will know that the Scandinavian countries […]
By Lotty Whittingham
December 23, 2015
Spiders - Why Don't You album cover

Those loyal followers of the Metal and Rock community will know that the Scandinavian countries are the best breeding grounds for the best acts in the music industry; particularly the Melodic Metal and Hard Rock coming from Sweden. Imagine if HALESTORM and THE RUNAWAYS had conceived a love child; well the latest band in question from Sweden to keep up their sterling reputation for music is Hard Rock quartet SPIDERS and they will blow minds.

SPIDERS was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in the year 2010 with their first appearance being at Way Out West Festival a few months later. Around this time they stepped into the studio to start recording. By the end of 2011 they release they debut record containing four tracks. With many releases and live shows later they have released a brand new three track EP "Why Don't You", which to say will open doors for the band will be an understatement.

The EP showcases some excellent Hard Rock tunes that are bold, dominant and just excellent. The title track gives you a HALESTORM-esque vibe on the memorable guitar riffs and the pounding drums, the vocals remind one of Cherie Curie who most of us know was the leading lady of THE RUNAWAYS. They even covered "Watch Out" by fellow Swedes ABBA, the fact they made it sound like their own is the sign of an excellent cover.

The excellent melodies infused with brilliant guitar riffs and solos, impeccable vocal work and the pounding drums are all on this EP; it's a brilliant showcasing of the band's work. Usually three songs on one EP isn't enough to show us what a band's sound is like; these three songs do show us this.

Overall a sweet EP showcasing this band's talent, keep your eyes and ears peeled for these guys. One can predict bigger things.

8 / 10


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"Why Don't You" Track-listing:

1. Why Don't You
2. Watch You (ABBA Cover)
3. In A Room

Spiders Lineup:

Ana-Sofie Hoyles - Vocals
John Hoyles - Guitar
Olle Griphammar - Bass
Ricard Harryson - Drums

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