Nothing But The Truth


After a promising start, Germany's very own SPELLBOUND had published two albums in the early […]
By YngwieViking
March 11, 2015
Spellbound - Nothing But The Truth album cover

After a promising start, Germany's very own SPELLBOUND had published two albums in the early 00's, before rapidly seemingly sinking in the void and disappearing in general indifference in 2009. Now moving forward to 2014, the band founder and guitarist Dave Maier had moved to Nuremberg and assembled a new line-up. SPELLBOUND signed with a new label Bret Hard Records, and of course recorded a new album untitled "Nothing But The Truth" with lead axe player Phil Carroll, Eldo Prosch on Drums and bassist Domi Merz (ex SOUL DEMISE / ex FINAL BREATH).

The goal and main focus was to produce the highest level of music ever released by the Classic Bay Area Thrash to date. They wanted it to be more intense and still furious, with a new-found menacing character, edgier than ever before, with every detail pushed to the max. In particularly an ambitious method in the powerful and clear sound, in order to fulfill every expectations for this long-awaited third album.

Remarkably, the sonic design crafted by Jörg "Warthy" Wait is up on par to world class level...Even the cover art is top notch, the iconic artist Ed Repka (DEATH/EVIL DEAD/MEGADETH/TOXIK etc...) is responsible for this amazing masterpiece.

"Nothing But The Truth" combines perfectly the sharpened riffs of the German Metal commandos of the late 80's with the well-known alternate trick: harsh verse vs. melodic refrain borrowed to the American Thrash titans, updated with the big gang backing-vocals hook catchiness in full head-banging orthodoxy.

KREATOR/DESTRUCTION meets TESTAMENT/HEATHEN/DARK ANGEL slightly updated but mostly in plain concordance with the legacy of the mighty elders.

Those parameters are indeed well represented a quality that connects in the course of the listening run, with every referential aspect of the genre that will please every Thrash Maniacs...Even the mandatory ballad "Dying In The Dirt" at slot N°5 is composed with an obvious smartness.

Recommended tracks are numerous "Leave This Dream" and the technical challenging instrumental frenzy of "New World Puppet" are the best opening couple. The most Modernized of all, the "Evil Dead" inspired cut "Shapeshifter" is exultant while "Warkult Of Fire" is set in the "Painkiller" hysterical tradition.The shift of pace is cleverly balanced in the track list running order.

Of course, don't expect some uncovered immaculate musical ground or sonic invention of any kind, (except maybe the unusual choir in the closing title "Invasion Blue Dream"). Instead we have some tasty, timeless, good Old school Thrash of the best breed, raised in the hatred of the established society and disgusted by the rules of the righteous minds!


8 / 10


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"Nothing But The Truth" Track-listing:

1. New World Puppet
2. Leave This Dream
3. Forgotten And Gone
4. Shapeshifter
5. Dying In The Dirt
6. Warkult Of Fire
7. Broken Hope Society
8. The Alliance Of Spellbound
9. Xecution Wave
10. Of Long Forgotten Wars
11. Invasion Blue Beam

Spellbound Lineup:

Dave Maier - Vocals, Guitar
Phil Carroll - Lead Guitar
Domi Merz - Bass
Eldo Prosch - Drums

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