The Art To Disappear


SPEKTR is a Black/Industrial/Ambient Metal band based out of France. Formed in 2000, this is […]
February 3, 2016
Spektr - The Art To Disappear album cover

SPEKTR is a Black/Industrial/Ambient Metal band based out of France. Formed in 2000, this is the band's fourth full-length album, and contains nine tracks.

After some brief and suspenseful build-up in the track "Again" and "Through The Darkness Of Future Past" steps forward. It's a fairly unconventional track, with a smattering of various sounds and instruments. Though you could argue that the guitar and percussion drive the track for the most part, there is a lot of other things going on in the background, The low, uttered, spoken vocal parts barely make a presence in the song and the longer you play it, the higher chance it seems that you might summon a demon through a portal in your sound system.

"Kill Again" is another short song focused on the delivery of evil. The repetitive nature of some of the sounds in the track almost seem subliminal in their effect on the listener. "From The Terrifying To The Fascinating" rumbles in with all of the ominous qualities of a fast moving thunderstorm in an open sky, threatening to swallow the earth below. Again we don't have much in the way of vocals, but the sampling and effects could play on a loop in a haunted house and scare away even the bravest patron.

"That Day Will Definitely Come" extends into the eight minute mark. Deep and dark in its delivery, the lack of vocals allows the horrific elements of the music to shine through, like you are watching scarab beetles devour the flesh of someone still alive.

"Soror Mystica" is another short, sort of mood setting piece that sounds like the scratching and clawing fingers of someone buried alive. It segues into the all-out madness that is "Your Flesh Is A Relic." The early part of the track is more reminiscent of the wall of sound approach that we often hear in the genre. Blast beat drumming, crashing cymbals and fast picked guitar. Later, it settles into a slower more discernable guitar riff with doses of electronics.

"The Only One Here" comes back to a tone setting track that leads up to the closing title track, "The Art To Disappear," which is eleven minutes long. In keeping consistent with the theme of uniqueness and inconsistency on the album as a whole, it has its own pattern that does not follow previous tracks.

Overall I think Black Metal fans would find this enjoyable. It's intriguing and creative and does not follow an expected path, yet it is the essence of what Black Metal is all about.


7 / 10


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"The Art To Disappear" Track-listing:

1. Again
2. Through The Darkness Of Future Past
3. Kill Again
4. From The Terrifying To The Fascinating
5. That Day Will Definintely Come
6. Soror Mystica
7. Your Flesh Is A Relic
8. The Only One Here
9. The Art To Disappear

Spektr Lineup:

kl.K - Vocals, Drums, Samples, Programming
Hth - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Samples, Programming

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