Do you know what the common characteristic to all of the following: racing, sky diving […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
August 15, 2013
Speedtrap - Powerdose album cover

Do you know what the common characteristic to all of the following: racing, sky diving and sky jumping? Yes? No? I will tell you, it's all about speed and yes we are talking about Speed (fucking) Metal, the Thrash kind of real Speed that bands like VENOM and even DRAGONFORCE and I will not get into the debate regarding the difference between Thrash, Speed and Power Metal. SPEEDTRAP are what I would like to call old school Speed Metal, fast, furious, no holds bar, hand molting and head banging.

So who are those guys? SPEEDTRAP are from Lappeenranta, Finland, founded in 2007. It has been three years since their previous release, a split album with Helsinki-based Heavy Metal Punkheads DEATH WITH A DAGGER. Now, it appeared that they are ready to let it loose and release the big guns. Btw, a Speed Metal band from Finland, it's really nice to see the diversity of Finnish Metal.

SPEEDTRAP aren't an inventive band or have been trying to fuse subgenres, an apparent illness of many bands lately, but to take out the best parts of their influences and bind it into exceptionally vivacious Heavy Metal / Rock album. The band's motto is "No Crap Just Metal" and through "Powerdose", they have been steadily following that dictum.

From the first song, "Redemption of Might" you can understand what you are dealing with. If you can remember METALLICA's "Kill 'Em All", you will directly comprehend "Redemption of Might", more accurately an influenced version of "Hit The Lights", fucking fast, cool with melting solos, it's a classic. The only song that strayed a bit, like 5 degrees, from this winning compound is "Out of Time, Out of Line". Like 10 percent slower and shows some other sides of the band, however, a great song and quite catchy.

If you buy it or when you are going to buy it get ready for an open hand slap to the face because the moment you finish listening to "Powerdose" you should be covered with sweat and full of bruises since you banged you head into the wall. Possibly the only thing you will remember it's yourself going to press start to listen to the album again. As a final comment, the one thing that negatively affected the album is a the raw sound engineering that damaged, either way it's a solid 10. 

10 / 10


"Powerdose" Track-listing:

1. Redemption of Might
2. Take Their Lives
3. Ready to Strike
4. Out of Time, Out of Line
5. Powerdose
6. Battle Cry
7. Reckless Endagerment
8. No Sympathy

Speedtrap Lineup:

Markus Hietamies - Bass
Miika Keränen - Drums
Ville Valavuo - Guitar
Jori Sara-aho - Vocals

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