For many, Speed Metal is what bridges the gap between Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal, […]
By Liam Easley
June 16, 2019
Speedemon - Hellcome album cover

For many, Speed Metal is what bridges the gap between Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal, and SPEEDEMON is just the right band to show that. Radiating influence from classic acts such as BULLDOZER and MOTÖRHEAD, this band created an old-school Speed Metal debut that will please any fan of the genre. Their album, creatively titled "Hellcome", is riff-heavy and fast. What stood out after the first few listens was the unbalanced structure of the album. It seems as if the better songs are concentrated at the beginning, and while the last few songs were better, there was still that middle section that was lacking in areas that the beginning and end excelled in. It would have been nice to see the better tracks spread out more so that the middle of the album - the section listeners tend to lose interest by - is still interesting.

One example of this is on "Kings of the Road", where the only thing keeping the song alive is the lead guitar. "Road to Madness" is another track that falls victim to blandness, as its lack of variety is crippling. Again, the lead guitar was what kept the song interesting. There was one thing that stood out in the middle of the album, and that is the groovy Thrash Metal section on "Wall of Pain". This one moment was vital for this portion of the album because not only did it provide something to eat up in that void, but it also gave the band a new dimension. It showed that they can groove around and have a rhythmic thrash section to a song.

Other than the album's structure, the music is not bad at all. In fact, compared to other modern Speed Metal bands that I've heard, these guys are a safe distance above average. "Legion of Fools" proves this. With sections of acoustic guitar spread throughout the verses as well as a nice variety of riffs, this song starts off the album with a bang. Unfortunately, the album peaks at this moment. The band excels in songwriting as well with "Atrocity Devine", boasting a nice array of riffs that progress smoothly. With riffs all in the ballpark of above average Speed Metal, it can be hard to differentiate yourself from other bands, but SPEEDEMON do so successfully with a catchy chorus and catchy riffing to accompany it.

For being independently released, this album has good production. The guitars, vocals and drums all have a nice sound, but then there's the bass. The best example of how poor the bass sounds is on "Thunderball". While this is one of the better tracks, there is a break that is kicked off by the bass. There is nothing wrong with the riff, but the bass sounds muffled and muddy, and the notes can barely be distinguished.

SPEEDEMON have created a fun album that, despite a few flaws, stands out among modern Speed Metal bands. Still, the band has a way to go in terms of writing better material and being able to compose a well-structured album. Until then, check this album out if you like HERETIC, VENOM or any other classic Speed Metal act out there.

7 / 10









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"Hellcome" Track-listing:

1. Legion of Fools
2. Thunderball
3. Atrocity Divine
4. Road to Madness
5. Wall of Pain
6. Kings of the Road
7. Speedemon
8. 1974
9. Riding Over Skulls

Speedemon Lineup:

Bruno Brutus - Vocals, Guitars
Bicho - Guitars
Rui Marujo - Bass
Luis Meco - Drums

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