One Shot One Kill


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SPECTRE; signed via Counter Culture […]
October 10, 2019
Spectre - One Shot One Kill album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: SPECTRE; signed via Counter Culture Records, hailing from Indian grounds - performing Thrash Metal, on their new EP entitled: "One Shot One Kill" (released August 30th, 2019).

Since formation in 1998; the quintet in question have a single and 3 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their newest EP entitled: "One Shot One Kill". 5 tracks ranging at around 23:50; SPECTRE arrange an intricately designed formula of hard-hitting Thrash Metal developments. "Fear The Mob" begins the EP; conveying amplified adrenaline, boistrously bouncy crunchiness & a blistering barrage of catchy hooks with concretely gnarly flamboyancy. Demonstrating fiercely composed chugs, frolicking blast beats & a galloping harmony that distributes groovy executions in which ultilize versatile vehemence with uniquely stampeding ramifications. Solidly slabbed with sonically seamless speed, punchline finesse & a borderline foundation of deadly hymns that rage with meticulous manifestations.

Consisting of Gary Gracious on vocals; the frontman establishes a gritty formulaic of high-pitched lungs that's converged with a rawly rough pursuit to it. "Flesh Eaters" embellishes on experimental distortion, grunty cords & guttural raspiness that screams with vengeful viciousness. Guitar duo Gilroy Fernandes & Ronojoy Barooah create complex dexterity, forging a dynamic dose of rapidly swift nimbleness & volatile rhythms that shine with quintessential virtuosity. Implementing an infectious injection of ruthless pandemonium, organic substance & rambunctious mayhem. "Hate Infested" excels into hostile territory; showcasing momentous pummelling, maliciously tenacious tempos & audible bass fluidity from Janus Sayal who pulsates with thumping precision - supplying monstrously meaty malevolence that thunders with pounding muscle.

The titular track transitions with more jumpy melodies that distills distinctively distinguished battering intensity from hammering drummer Aniket Waghmode; crafting explosive firepower, crushing expertise & immersively hybrid elements. Detailing in captivating instrumentation with primitively stomp-like savagery, varying with profusely robust musicianship while shredding with rip-roaring scorches of relentless riffs & riveting solos that tear with rumbling lacerations - nailing it with killer grinding, while revolved with quirky snappiness that quakes with prestigious results. Portraying razor-sharp patterns that sounds like a charging bulldozer, going berserk into a hasty blitz of trailblazing madness. Overall concluding "One Shot One Kill" with the finale song: "Sufferance"; I am compelled to say that this was an efficaciously gnarly EP.

Bottom line; SPECTRE certainly outdone themselves here, and for an Indian band they definitely exceeded expectations as I underestimated the Indian Metal scene. "One Shot One Kill" is indeed full of surprises, with the songwriting being adroitly attributed with memorabily original lyricsm & a full-throttle sound production experience that is both enjoyably fulfilling as well as heavy as hell - full of potential talent that will break necks for sure - worth the discovery.

(I now want to listen to JUDAS PRIEST's epic: "Spectre" because of the band name, cheers lads!)

8 / 10









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"One Shot One Kill" Track-listing:

1. Fear The Mob
2. Flesh Eaters
3. Hate Infested
4. One Shot One Kill
5. Sufferance

Spectre Lineup:

Gilroy Fernandes - Rhythm Guitar
Ronojoy Barooah - Lead Guitar
Aniket Waghmode - Drums
Janus Sayal - Bass
Gary Gracious - Vocals

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