In Voodoo Veritas


It is always nice to discover new bands while in the process of reviewing an […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
March 18, 2009
Sparzanza - In Voodoo Veritas album cover

It is always nice to discover new bands while in the process of reviewing an album. This case applied to me with the new and fourth full length release by the Swedish treat SPARZANZA. This band has just announced the new guitarist Magnus Eronen as the replacement for David Johannesson who is now with MUSTASCH.
Even though I am not into the Stoner scene I had no complaint when I was given In Voodoo Veritas. The aforementioned music label just made me to lower my anticipations since I consider the Stoner sound kind of restricted, but this is another subject and a matter of taste.
So, without expecting much I pressed the play button and prepared myself for some down tuned guitars and most of the time predictable 'dirty' sounding riffs. Instead of this, I got stoned by the up-tempo guitar based intro that lead me to an addictive as-hell main melody. 'This is not Stoner' I thought and cranked up the volume! The bridge welcomes the even more addictive chorus that anchors in your mind from the very beginning until the solo takes over. What an excellent way to open an album that is! Moving on to the ultra heavy bass guitar sound of Methadream (watch the video clip below) that comprises a mid tempo slowly but steadily building the tension until another kicking ass chorus. It is quite difficult to really describe in words the musical signature of the Swedes; sometimes the catchy tempos look over the late SENTENCED era and others, the groovy based guitar grooves justify the Stoner Rock underlying structures in the vein of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS from the Ad Astra days.
Mr Fredrik Weileby has a distinct voice that moves from the harsh vocals of SOILWORK's Bjorn Strid and reaches Ville Laihiala in his late POISONBLACK days. Actually, these two influences justifies the band's Scandinavian ancestry making think for the 666th time that this part of Europe gives fresh blood to our beloved Metal scene.
The tempo slows down and My World Of Sin enters to flirt with Gothic Metal scene in a heavier way, with another catchy as-hell chorus while Robota kicks you in your face with the repetitive rhythm. I bet that you will find yourself singing 'Robota' somewhere in the middle of the track and without second thoughts hit the repeat button. The Gothenburg sound makes several appearances like in Red Dead Revolver or Self Medication not in the typical double guitar harmonies way but in the energy fueled rhythms and the enticing melodic foundations.
I believe that I have -at least- convinced you to check this band out. The album sounds fresh with nice hooks and a killer sound production that needs maximum volume to reveal its power. It seems SPARZANZA will hit the Metal scene hard with In Voodoo Veritas so, we will keep an eye on them; in the meantime join me in screaming 'robota!'


8 / 10


"In Voodoo Veritas" Track-listing:

The Blind Will Lead The Blind
Black Gemini
My World Of Sin
On The Other Side
Red Dead Revolver
The End Of Days
Self Medication
The Poison

Sparzanza Lineup:

Anders Aberg - Drums
Calle  Johannesson - Guitar
Fredrik Weileby - Vocals
Johan Carlsson - Bass
Magnus Eronen - Guitar

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