Falling Deep


Usually when you read that a band is Hard Rock / Heavy Metal genre the […]
By Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic
December 2, 2013
Sovversivo - Falling Deep album cover

Usually when you read that a band is Hard Rock / Heavy Metal genre the first thing you`d expect to hear is something that resembles the great bands of the 80`s from the same genre, right? If it`s not AC/DC like than it resembles to METALLICA... Becomes quite boring after a while... It seems like there`s nothing new on the scene. Well, now there is. SOVVERSIVO hails from Italy, and brings tremendous amount of energy on their second studio recording "Falling Deep".

"Falling Deep" has everything you`d expect to hear on a record of the mentioned genre, thundery riffs, amazing solos (as on "Surrender"), restless base and perfect drumming, followed by a bit guttural vocals (that would fit perfectly on any Gothic styled Metal, or even a Death Metal scene). The album opens up with uplifting melodies, catchy riffs, and equally catchy choruses. Though vocals are bit "deeper" than you`d expect, they are not overwhelmingly heavy.

"Go Deep" opens up with a intro that seems like coming from the movie, as the song unfolds it shines the full power in the mid-tempo. Next track "Beside Myself" comes striking with even more energy than the opening song. "The Thin White Line" starts with calm and melodic intro that turns into another amazing mid-tempo song. "Surrender" is enchanting with perfect riffs paired with even better solos. Starting quietly "Black" and "Burn To Ashes" has a scent of the 80`s but it`s not overwhelming.  "Inside Me" is one of the heaviest tracks on this release walking more on the Metal side, slightly sliding into Gothic (fairly reminding of HIM). "Lie To Your Soul" takes a twist to a more alternative sound. "Everlasting Pain" is a bit weaker track than the others are, but has one of the better solos...  "Words Fall on Deaf Ears" opens with acoustic guitar intro, before it`s deployed for the last time by the power of the band, with bass being dominant this time.

"Falling Deep" is incredible album. The sound is just so perfect that you feel sorry that there are only 10 songs on it. Metal scene most definitely needs more bands like SOVVERSIVO that are willing to put all of their heart and energy in the recording.

10 / 10


"Falling Deep" Track-listing:

1. Go Deep
2. Beside Myself
3. The Thin White Line
4. Surrender
5. Black
6. Back To Ashes
7. Inside Me
8. Lie To Your Soul
9. Everlasting Pain
10. Words Fall On Def Ears

Sovversivo Lineup:

Andrea Uboldi - Vocals
Matteo Serra - Guitar
Federico Gassa - Bass
Gianluca Luci - Drums

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