Machiavelli's Art


I remember back in the 80s it was really difficult for the bands to be […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
January 21, 2009
Soundstrike - Machiavelli's Art album cover

I remember back in the 80s it was really difficult for the bands to be known in the whole world, since Internet didn't exist and the only way was by tape trading or sending real mail via the post office, you remember how this worked, right? Things have changed and every band can be known to everyone. But not all of them have something to say. The question is, does SOUNDSTRIKE have anything to give to our beloved scene?

This project was created in 2003 in Italy, by Leonardo and Francesco Grandoni. Two years later, and with a steady lineup, they released their first demo. The sound of the band, as they are saying in their bio, changed dramatically until now. Machiavelli's Art is their first full-length album, as they are saying, since the CD has only 5 songs and 18 minutes of playing time.

SOUNDSTRIKE are moving in the nu Metal KORN-like territory. Not exactly my style but if something is good and well played labels don't play any role. But this release is not one of them. The album has typical compositions with a 'just above average' production and as a conclusion nothing special. The only things that we must not forget are that this is the first effort from the band and that there are still young and have all the time to improve.

Not much more to say about those three guys and their female bass player. The only thing I want to say to them is this: work, work, work!

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Machiavelli's Art" Track-listing:

Get Prepared To Syndicate
Pronged Tongue
Joy Bearer
The Best Way To Kill
What A Wonderful World

Soundstrike Lineup:

Francesco Coppo - Vocals
Francesco Grandoni - Guitars
Arianna Svizzereto - Bass
Leonardo Maria Miliacca - Drums

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