Sound And Fury

Sound And Fury

The first musical notes that exploded from the speakers with the SOUND OF FURY album […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
October 19, 2008
Sound And Fury - Sound And Fury album cover

The first musical notes that exploded from the speakers with the SOUND OF FURY album in the CD player made me take a second look at the cover art. Clearly, this cover does not represent the musical content of this album. I was waiting for something like Melodic Death Metal or if it was a bad day mainstream Metalcore. Fortunately, the truth was far more surprising. This five piece band plays something that can be described as a golden blend of old school Hard Rock and Punk. Yes, you read correctly old fashioned Punk that shares the same blood with SEX PISTOLS and in some degree with RAMONES.
I have a total respect for the early Punk scene because it showed a die hard attitude that was far from the mainstream music scene with strong and most of the times caustic lyrics. SOUND OF FURY really caught me off-guard here and dusted off some memories from my early days. The album literally kicks in  with the fast paced School's Out with classic sing along Punk chorus that shine through the proper attitude. That means almost out of tune Johnny Rotten vocals, the trademark guitar power chords and a distinct foot tapping rhythm. The Hard Rock backbone walks in the same path with bands like AIRBOURNE filled with unfailing energy that sounds like a MOTORHEAD Rock 'n' Roll spawn. Things get even better as the album goes on bringing to my mind MONSTER MAGNET in the mid tempo Can't Get Enough, again RAMONES starting with the trademark one, two, three motto in 18 while keeping the Hard Rock sound alive in the bass guitar driven and groovy Supercharged. I could go on forever with the influences, mentioning bands like DEAD KENNEDYS, MISFITS or even the mighty EXPLOITED; but I think I have convinced you that there is something at least interesting going on with this one. The Rock 'n' Roll guitar solos sound perfect to my ears entering on time to really spice things up and give the additional mood boost.
Luke Metcalf who is the only song and lyric writer (apart from the two tracks where he shared them with Griffin) has the proper voice for this sound  with the exact irony dose shouting the lyrics as he should. The album comes with a powerful and definitely alive production giving the bass guitar the space to breathe creating the impression that you are watching a raw live performance.
So, to wrap it up; this is a very good album that bristles with power, liveliness and the fitting in-your-face attitude for this kind of sound. Personally, I consider this one as one of the most interesting albums in the last six months (maybe more) and I recommend it to everyone who gets watery eyes listening to band names like the aforementioned.
PS I loved the secret track where the chorus says/shouts I've got rabies. Be prepared to be infected!

8 / 10


"Sound And Fury" Track-listing:

School's Out
Teenage Rampage
Can't Get Enough
Bad Touch
Night Of The Ghouls
High School Hotbox
Runaway Love
The Stranger

Sound And Fury Lineup:

Luke Metcalf - Vocals
Griffin - Lead Guitar
Darryl Coppins - Rhythm Guitar
John Kerns - Bass
Chris Avalos - Drums

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