Promo CD 2009


First time I came across this band was in the 2004 Greece Attacks: The Next […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
November 10, 2009
Soulless - Promo CD 2009 album cover

First time I came across this band was in the 2004 Greece Attacks: The Next Assault compilation. The specific release contained the Dominion Conquest song, taken from the band's 2002 demo Valley Of Unrest. I wasn't really excited with the band's music back then, so my research on SOULLESS stopped there...

Now the band releases one more demo, promo or however you want to call it and I thought I would give them another chance. The bad thing about this band is that I never managed to have a clear view on their music because since their formation in 1996 they haven't released anything else than demos! How can I judge a band by two songs, especially when the production is not the best possible? Their old school Death Metal doesn't sound bad at all, with the guitars shredding like crazy and the vocals reminding you of old raw vocalists.

The band's music draws influences from bands like VADER, MORBID ANGEL and MALEVOLENT CREATION, something that surely sounds tasty to the death metallers out there. The fact is - as I previously said - that the band's music is old school, so to some this may be good, to some bad, the sound is not that good and there are only two songs here. I will be waiting for a full-length album (again) to see the full potential of this band.

"Promo CD 2009" Track-listing:

Redemption In Purulence

Soulless Lineup:

Dimitris Christopoulos - Vocals
Nektarios Tasios - Guitar
Christos Liakos - Guitar
Vaggelis Kotsampis - Bass
Lazaros Emmanouilidis - Drums

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