Beyond The Twilight


SOULHUNTER is truly not an ordinary Hard Rock band. Moreover, I found out that the […]
August 26, 2010

SOULHUNTER is truly not an ordinary Hard Rock band. Moreover, I found out that the band's direction is rather uncharted as they burst into several musical worlds, which inspired their material. I know people that would say that it is rather risky because a band should master a certain field and then go on their way to reshape their image. However, here this is a different story.

This trio band has their Rock image of the 80's and some 70's elements. They are influenced from various types of styles and bands. Classical, Metal, Stoner and Funk music are certain ingredients they use here and there on their album, some touches of PINK FLOYD, MOTORHEAD, AC/DC and lots of Rock and Hard Rock groups of the old era in the US. Their debut album, "Beyond The Twlight" holds those together into a very interesting mix. This album is like a reinvented 70's album with the mere toughness of Hard Rockin' 80's. Cool Rock party for the open-minded I might add.

The majority of the presented material is loose or can be loose under heavy dose of booze. The band's vocalist / guitarist, Markus Glas, delivers a rather thrown, easy (maybe with a smoke of pot) voice to help you get around the songs. His raspy sort of touch, which is not far from NICKELBACK's Chad Kruger, adds a rather pleasing element to the cool music. In the end, "Beyond The Twilight" is an uncomplicated album to listen, yet, it is rather complex on its musical direction. The riffs, passages and solos seemed to be written with after a lot of thought.

SOULHUNTER were able to make an non-generic release while issuing a release that will able the listener to enjoy without thinking too much. Easy living, free time, yet, also remorse and deep feelings, which are needed when you listen to "Beyond The Twilight". Sometimes, this sort of easiness or depression might bore or put you under a strong effect because some people need some action. Unfortunately, the band only recorded a single energetic song. SOULHUNTER can please you, but after a while, you will probably a kickstart to get yourself out of what you sitting on.

Highlights: "Best Friend", "World Keeps Turning", "Walking On The Deadline", "Redlight Woman", "One Under A Thousend".

8 / 10


"Beyond The Twilight" Track-listing:
  1. Beyond The Twilight
  2. Can't Be True
  3. Love, Fire And Desire
  4. One Under Thousand
  5. Love's Like A Prostitute
  6. Redlight Woman
  7. Soulhunter
  8. Walkin' On The Deadline
  9. World Keeps Turnin'
  10. Best Friend
Soulhunter Lineup:

Markus Glas - Vocals, Guitars
Rudi Fiehl - Bass
Klaus Naitana - Drums

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