Ever since I initially heard CAVALERA CONSPIRACY I have been getting back into all that […]
By Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco
October 7, 2013
Soulfly - Savages album cover

Ever since I initially heard CAVALERA CONSPIRACY I have been getting back into all that Mad Max Cavalera creates. I was just speaking with him on the phone last week, and even though I neglected to ask him about working with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and writing their best song to date: "I.M. Sin", we did agree that what he performs musically far surpasses what SEPULTURA have done for the past decade.

This is because Max knows how to embrace his roots, and avoid becoming a parody of himself. Each album stands on its own with just a hint of repetition, but mostly a whole host of experimentation, and "Savages" is no exception. What makes this album so special is that it features Cavalera's own son Zyon on drums. It is hard to believe that Zyon was a mere heartbeat from the ultra-sound on "Chaos A.D.", and now he is the drummer of his dad's primitive rhythm machine.

Zyon worked diligently to prove his worth to his father as a vital musician and not just mere nepotism. In fact, he actually encouraged his father to embrace the early days of SEPULTURA such that certain songs like the opener "Bloodshed", "Cannibal Holocaust" and certain parts of other compositions both recall the insanity of "Schizophrenia" and the soulless affectations of "Morbid Visions". "This Is Violence" picks up where the style of "Enslaved" And "Omen" left off, while other songs like "K.C.S." have that "Prophecy" vibe and tribal drum aspect. "Ayatollah Of Rock 'N' Rolla" is so diverse that Max was actually able to get CLUTCH's own Neil Fallon to do the spoken vocal parts, replete with a slide guitar for added effect.

Long stay guitarist Mark Rizzo continues to amaze with his multi-talented skills, while bassist Tony performs lead vocals on "El Comegente". As the storied Soulfly tradition would have it, another "Soulfly" instrumental will be included as a bonus track on the special edition version. Just as Max also has a habit of combining and making up his own words which downs troy and cause infliction, then it in no surprise that the closing cut "Soulfiktion" should continue in this fashion.

As the Cavalera campaign wages on enslaving souls and conquering new frontiers, not all the tracks are up to par. I find "Master Of Savagery" a bit too involved, and "Spiral" too modern. Then again, Max assures me the next CAVALERA CONSPIRACY will be more Grindcore than Thrash. I respect his sincerity. From now on I will always make it a point to seek where he may yet strike. It just sucks that he will be in Columbus this week, and due to other obligations, I will not have a chance to see the band live!

7 / 10


"Savages" Track-listing:

1. Bloodshed
2. Cannibal Holocaust
3. Fallen
4. Ayatollah Of Rock 'N' Rolla
5. Master Of Savagery
6. Spiral
7. This Is Violence
8. K.C.S.
9. El Comegente
10. Soulfiktion

Soulfly Lineup:

Max Cavalera - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Mark Rizzo - Lead Guitars
Tony Campos - Bass
Zyon Cavalera - Drums

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