Winter Contemplations

Soul Dissolution

SOUL DISSOLUTION formed in 2012, and is an Atmospheric Post-Black Metal band from Belgium. The […]
November 8, 2020
Soul Dissolution - Winter Contemplations album cover

SOUL DISSOLUTION formed in 2012, and is an Atmospheric Post-Black Metal band from Belgium. The duo have previously released two prior full-length albums, and now are back with a new EP titled "Winter Contemplations" in 2020.

"La Dernière Tempête" leads off the album. A cold wind howls, leading to a slow riff and gut-wrenching vocals. A guitar solo brings some needed melody to the track. It's sad, and depressing, like an endless week of rain and grey skies. The vocals grow angrier, like a cornered snake with no way out, ready to strike with deadly force. The third iteration of the guitar solo is quite charming. The fourth iteration is even prettier.

"Where the Clouds Stand Still..." opens with alluring clean guitars and some ambient keys. It builds in layers from there, with lead guitar and bass playing a prominent role. Vocals and drums join in, and they are part angry and part contemplative. The sounds here walk the line between beauty and sadness, two things that I've learned can exist at the same time, but it's not easy to do. It takes an ambient pause around the half-way mark, with just those elegant clean guitar notes. The sound returns with a renewed vigor, and again they manage to gather the elusive magic with those lead guitar tones. It finishes on a beautiful crescendo of notes that will capture your heart.

Although only two songs are present on this EP, they are two massively powerful offerings of beauty and sadness that I don't think you have heard before. Once again, this band can capture a bevy of emotions that runs you through a whirlwind of feelings, from depressing and anger, to hope and endurance. This is some very moving and oppressive music, created with considerate songwriting and attention to details. The melodies lie in wait to sweep you off your feet. Bravo, SOUL DISSOLUTION!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Winter Contemplations" Track-listing:

1. La Dernière Tempête
2. Where The Clouds Stand Still...

Soul Dissolution Lineup:

Jabawock - Guitars, Bass, Arrangements, Vocals
Acharan - Vocals

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