Illuminate The Excessive


I didn't even know this band, not even Cube 1 Records, but the really 'full' […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 7, 2008
Soreption - Illuminate The Excessive album cover

I didn't even know this band, not even Cube 1 Records, but the really 'full' CD + DVD promo CD that fell in my hands was more than attractive. I immediately started gathering information about these Swedish maniacs and I can say that despite the attracting promo, I also found some attracting music in it.

SOREPTION are particularly new in the Metal scene, since they were formed in 2005 and its members have no 'serious' previous experience. From what I managed to find, the band has no previous releases and this EP is their first ever official work. So, as they say themselves... How many technical Death Metal bands can the world handle?! The answer is simple. At least one more!

I guess you already understood that we have to do with a technical Death Metal band with lots of skills and talent. As it seems these guys were not 'drifted' by the Swedish melodic Death Metal stream and decided to follow their own musical path.

If you are aware of technical Death Metal bands like NECROPHAGIST and SPAWN OF POSSESSION, then SOREPTION is definitely a good choice for your Death Metal collection, since these Swedish maniacs are definitely skilled musicians that will offer you a sick and brutal musical orgasm. Of course they can't reach the level of the above mentioned bands, but let's not forget that this is only their debut release, so we can just sit and wait for their debut full-length album, which will probably kick major ass.

The bad thing about this release is the bonus DVD it contains, which features a hilarious live performance. The band is awesome performing every song with mastery, but the crowd is - to say the least - tragic. There are only young people who don't even pay attention to the band. You will see many people talking to each other. Adding that DVD is really a bad move...

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Illuminate The Excessive" Track-listing:

Disc 1


Disc 2


Soreption Lineup:

Fredrik Soderberg - Vocals
Anton Svedin - Guitars
Stefan Nordlander - Session Guitarist
Rickard Persson - Bass
Tony Westermark - Drums

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