Död Jord


I couldn´t really begin to mention all the elements that appeal to my liking when […]
July 11, 2022
Soreption - Död Jord album cover

I couldn´t really begin to mention all the elements that appeal to my liking when it comes to becoming acquainted with this the fourth full length album by SOREPTION; a trio from Sweden comprised by two members and a guest musician, titled  DÖD JÖRD; doubtlessly both a tribute to Norse mythology and the best and most recognizable elements of death and speed Metal blended with an outstanding production and conceptual achievement worthy of the best in the industry. After repeatedly listening to the album, which doesn´t really represent a massive effort since this work is only a little over 30 minutes long and the cadence and militant drum interpretation and I would dare say resemblance with Death Metal Legends as CANNIBAL CORPSE and NAPALM DEATH with an incorporation of MESUGGAH and I would even go as far as to include ANIMALS AS LEADERS and DREAM THEATER, will want to start the record all over again in order to be repeated once or twice.

When you hear Swedish Metal, the concept of Technical Death Metal might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but let me assure you, SOREPTION could very well be the perfect ambassadors to introduce you to this unexplored region of the Swedish Metal Imaginarium. The cover art depicts elements that are covered and narrated in the 8 tracks that comprise a musical and spiritual journey which I can only describe as an electrifying and thorough element in the process of the creation of this band´s identity over the periods of ups and downs that make them such a consistent band today.

This album is a marvelous example of how years of metal tradition can blend together not only with modern technology but also with the evolution of the muscle memory that creates one of the greatest times to be alive in the history of Metal. This album could be a banner in a musical war where metal has overcome various battles over the decades since it was first created almost 70 years ago. I only now wish to have the chance to see this band live in the near future, which I is also the first feeling that arises in many of the listeners of this new full-length album by SOREPTION, a new member of the vaults of the Metal Temple and the collection of all its well-versed members and followers, "DOD JORD" engulfs any witness to it into a universe that can only be well understood by journeying into it, which is the first advice that I will give to you as soon as you finish reading this review, since it is both a pleasure and a delight to be able to enjoy this quality of creative work that enables us to withstand the despair and uncertainty of the running times, which is and has always been one of the best features of Metal.

10 / 10









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"Död Jord" Track-listing:

1. The Artificial North
2. The Forever Born
3. Prophet
4. Each Death More Hollow
5. A Story Never Told
6. The Chasm
7. The Nether Realms Machinery
8. Död Jörd

Soreption Lineup:

Tony Westermark- Drums
Fredrik Soderberg- Vocals
Rikard Persson- Bass

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