Sordid Flesh

Sweden is known for bringing out some amazing Death Metal bands such as AT THE […]
By Emily Coulter
December 12, 2013
Sordid Flesh - Torturer album cover

Sweden is known for bringing out some amazing Death Metal bands such as AT THE GATES, AMON AMARTH, ENTOMBED and more and it's no doubt that SORDID FLESH have joined the group. SORDID FLESH have created a perfect mix of Death and Thrash with a small hint of Black Metal added to it, there sound is as heavy as it can get.

The first track from ''Torturer'' is ''The Thelema Way'' and it surely sounds good to the ears. Starting off slow you would think it is just a standard intro song but when it breaks into its Thrash Metal drumming by Emil Berglin and hard grunt from Fredrik Haf it quickly changes your perspective on the band. Olle Hedenstrom and Johan Vikholm make an impressive guitar duo; the solo at 3.06 is something which cannot be described with words. Haf's vocals get even deeper in ''Mark Of The Fallen'', these vocals could even be compared to those of Johan Hegg of AMON AMARTH. The riffs have more of a doom vibe to them but are still as good. The drums have more depth which are more emphasized by Jacob Wilberg on bass. The riff at 2.31 is just great to head bang to even though it is the slowest part of the track followed by an almighty howl from the vocalist.

''Rites At The Cemetery'' opens with a quaint piano piece followed by heavy guitar riffs. Haf's vocals are nothing special in this track but the lyrics are still very creative. What takes the spotlight in this song is how much depth the drums and guitars have. With an album like this, it makes you wonder how many other great Swedish Death Metal bands are out there. Opening up with a Tom G. Warrior-esque grunt ''Gravebitch'' has Doom influenced riffs leading the way. This is a much slower track than the rest but still a classic song to play along too. The only bad part is that the lyrics are a watered down version of the previous and slightly repetitive. The band is fast paced Thrash riffs with ''Through Vile Infanticides''. After the previous slow song this is exactly what you need to hear, the drum fills are faster than ever and the guitars just keep on being impressive. This is the shortest track on the album at 3.22 which is enough to keep you engaged with the blast beats. The only way the song could be improved was if the vocals were slightly clearer. ''Torturer'' has a heavy AMON AMARTH / AT THE GATES influence in bedded within the song. Though the riffs are simplistic along with the drumming, this being the simplest song on the whole album it is still great song. The only bad part being that it is quiet repetitive.

''Where Art Thou God'' is the weakest song on the band's debut album. It's still as good as the rest but it feels as if the band has not put as much effort into this track as the rest. The riffs are impressive but nothing compared to the others, the vocals aren't enticing and feel very flat with not much of the vocalist's range being used to a high standard. The solo 3.04 is great but could be better in a different tuning. SORDID FLESH reclaims the throne as a great Death Metal band with ''Until You Are Dead''. The riffs are simple but rip roaring, the drums full of blast beats and the vocals are at their finest. Haf's vocals constantly change with how low his growls can get, complimented by the low bass tones from Wilberg. This is one of the best songs from the album by far, you never want it to stop. ''Rise From The Abyss'' is the last track from the ''Torturer'' album. It is opened up with slow Death Metal riffs followed by deep blast beats, the solo at 2.07 is the 2nd best of the album. The slow parts nearing the end have a slight SLAYER vibe to them.

Overall, SORDID FLESH know how to create great Swedish Death Metal. The band has an obvious talent for what they create and hopefully will never stop soon. ''Torturer'' is a near perfect album for fans of AT THE GATES and DEATH. The only improvements made would be the lyrical variation, recording and mix quality and a few more original solos. The band is set for big things and should not be ignored at all costs. 

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Torturer" Track-listing:

1. The Thelema Way
2. Mark of the Fallen
3. Rites at the Cemetery
4. Gravebitch
5. Through Vile Infanticides
6. Torturer
7. Where Art Thou God
8. Until You Are Dead
9. Rise From The Ashes

Sordid Flesh Lineup:

Fredrik Haf - Vocals
Olle Hedenstrom - Guitars
Johan Vikholm - Guitars
Jacob Wilberg - Bass
Emil Berglin - Drums

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