Mirrored Revenge

Sorceress of Sin

SORCERESS OF SIN is a band formed in 2020 in Cambridge, England, U.K. Mirrored Revenge […]
By Kevin Lewis
December 28, 2020
Sorceress of Sin - Constantine album cover

SORCERESS OF SIN is a band formed in 2020 in Cambridge, England, U.K. Mirrored Revenge is their debut album and was independently released on November 27, 2020. This is Power Metal through and through. Melodic, fast and heavy, it also has a ballad, one of the things Power Metal bands do, and do well.

Straight away, the Power Metal is on display with "Vixen Of Virtue". The guitar riff is spectacular and a joy to hear. As there is no real keyboard element to add that symphonic feel, this is the Power Metal part of the band shining through crystal clear. "Multifaceted Survival" tracks along the same lines. Both songs have excellent rhythms with the bass and drums plowing through, providing a nice tempo that tracks well within the overall composition.

The title track, "Mirrored Revenge" begins with another really good riff and almost pounds the listener into submission with a wall of sound that has a definite weight to it. These songs rock you back into your seat and hold you in place on the first listen. After a few runs through the album, you realize that has changed and you are sitting forward with your fingers tapping out drum rhythms, your head bobbing it time to the beat and you are actively listening to the whole tune, rocking along with the music and moving because you cannot sit still.

The next few songs are more of the same. You get a heavy dose of Power Metal running over you time and again, pushing the limits as best they can. The band is comfortable in this niche. The skill of the musicians and writers blend into a sonic bliss that just feels like a cocoon that has wrapped you into its' warm embrace.

Now comes the awesomeness. "Echoes Of Existence" slows everything down and goes full on power ballad. Starting out with a piano, this ethereal tune provides a slow burn that satisfies as only a power ballad can. Showing off different talents for the band, the composer also shows additional talents. Not all power metal bands can pull off the ballad, but SORCERESS OF SIN does, and they do it well.

Closing out the record are three songs that get back up to the frenetic speed the album started with. "Parallel Lies" is a big step up from "Echoes Of Existence", but not full speed for this group. By the time you hit "Empire Of Stones" though, the full throttle music is back and knocking you back in your seat again.

This is a very well-rounded band. They write good music and perform it well. The guitars are fast and clear. The bass and drums are always there and building up the song, not just keeping a tempo. They really fill out the sound. The vocals are all over the place. Soaring high, dropping lower, crystal clear at time and rough at others. The production and mixing are really good as well. The overall record is high quality. This is power metal done to a high degree.

Not many debut albums sound this clear and concise, especially when self-released. The instruments are tight. The vocals fit the songs. The composer(s) put together an excellent first record and this is one band I hope to hear more from in the future.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Mirrored Revenge" Track-listing:

1. Vixen Of Virtue
2. Multifaceted Survival
3. Mirrored Revenge
4. Wicked Distortion
5. Splintered Shard
6. Aradia
7. Echoes Of Existence
8. Parallel Lies
9. Cold Carnality
10. Empyre Of Stones

Sorceress of Sin Lineup:

Lisa Skinner - Vocals
Topher O'Meagher - Bass
Paul Skinner - Drums
Constantine Kanakis - Guitar
Tom Maclean - Bass/Keyboards/Orchestral Backing

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