Sonic Wolves

Psychedelic Italians.
May 30, 2024

Get your LSDs ready kids. We are going totally psychedelic with a power trio from Italy no less. The band is SONIC WOLVES and they are releasing their new album III which my amazing deduction skills tells me that is their third album.The band is consisted of 3 well seasoned musicians and they promise a lysergic sound based on the 70’s bringing back influences from HAWKWIND to CREAM. The album starts with “Shapeshifter” a well rooted 70’s style hard rock with crazy wha wha pedal and an energetic arrangement. The vocals are a little hidden in the mix unfortunately but it is good to know that is being delivered by a female singer giving the listener SUZI QUATRO vibes. We follow with an over ten-minute Instrumental, "O.B.E." The interplay between the bass and the swirling drums creates a sense of drifting through space despite the song being too long for my taste. However, the band shows plenty of ideas and a variety of riffs and moods that would be enough to compose 2 other tunes.

“Dead To The World” brings the vocals back and it does not get more psychedelic than this one. The vibrant, colourful soundscape is reminiscent of the classic psychedelic era, and is not infused with a modern hard rock vibe. The band  also seems to have a clear influence of WOLFMOTHER , not only on the band's name, but also on the tune “Dark Recollection” , with high pitched vocals and epic, but simple riffs. Relentless guitar solos throughout this tune as well. We are presented next with a cool guitar riff that starts “Heavy Lies The Crown”, and the band takes you back to the Woodstock era and all the sonoric excesses of the genre . Since the beginning of this album a very obscure band comes to mind and I can’t help hearing their sound emulating from SONIC WOLVES. The band is RITA LEE AND TUTTI FRUTTI from Brazil no less. Similar vocals and with a lot of crazy moods just like the ones displayed on the tune “The Ten Doors”.

If this band has never heard of RITA LEE, I would advise to drink from this fountain as for me, their albums are amongst the greats of the psychedelic genre. “Won't Be Their Fool’ is next and it has hints of early SABBATH. Crunchy guitars ala Tony Yommy and a vocal that takes me back to Holy In the Sky. Closing the album, "Gotta Do It Right" brings everything full circle.Is a track that encapsulates the essence of the entire album. For me the best of the album and a suitable closer. For fans of hard rock and psychedelic music, III is a good listen. It has all the ingredients of a good hard rock band and the musicianship is good. I believe the production is lacking a little as well as the vocal mix. The songs are well arranged but it is missing for me the one that stays with you after you listen. Good work nevertheless and I do hope to see how they develop.

5 / 10









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"III" Track-listing:

3.Dead To The World
4.Dark Recollection
5.Heavy Lies The Crown
6.The Ten Doors
7.Won't Be Their Fool
8.Gotta Do It Right

Sonic Wolves Lineup:

Vita- Drums
Kayt Vigil- Bass, Vocals
Nico Nigro- Guitar

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