Love And Other Disasters

Sonic Syndicate

My initial encounter with SONIC SYNDICATE came along with their debut album ”Eden Fire.” This […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
July 5, 2008
Sonic Syndicate - Love And Other Disasters album cover

My initial encounter with SONIC SYNDICATE came along with their debut album ”Eden Fire.” This album was very good with nicely put twin guitar melodies and an almost dark atmosphere. This release drew the attention of Nuclear Blast records that signed the young band and after a while gravely retouched its image. Indeed, the record label promoted hardly SONIC SYNDICATE (and still does) taking advantage of their looks and young age. Their second album ”Only Human” came as a disappointment for my ears. The band took the Metalcore path with the ‘I heard that before' and trendy sound. The rest of the Metal scene did not share my thoughts and embraced the Swedes making them even more popular. So, ”Love And Other Disasters” is here waiting to answer my questions about the band's (possible) evolvement. I have to warn you though, that after having seen SONIC SYNDICATE as a supporting act to NIGHTWISH I did not expect much.
Twin guitar riffs open for ”Encaged” that kicks in quite dynamically but only for a while; the  Sjunnesson brothers enter with the classic (yes we can use that word here) Metalcore vocals with the ‘I heard that countless times before' clean vs aggressive recipe. ”Hellgate: Worcester” is a guitar driven track that would be much better if it hadn't the clean vocal bridge that spoils the entire almost Heavy atmosphere. I think in this album SONIC SYNDICATE tried to make a step further in the Gothenburg sound with distinct and almost aggressive guitar riffs that have added some points on the album's overall heaviness. Don't wait for something impressively Heavy since the ‘emotionals' ”My Escape” and ”Contradiction” bear the predictable trendy sound that is appealing to the younger and occasional Metal listeners.
”Damage Control” is a good one with interesting vocal effects while ”Red Eyed Friend” has a joyful IN FLAMES groove especially in the keyboards.   
I think it is safe for me to say that this album is better than the previous one especially due to the heavier approach in the songs arrangements. The sound production is excellent taking the most of the band that seems to have grown a little bit. Well, don't expect miracles here because SONIC SYNDICATE still sound predictable and totally unoriginal to that point that can be characterized as boring by some. Nevertheless, for the fans of the band this is a better one and it might raise some expectations for their fourth discographic step.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Love And Other Disasters" Track-listing:

Hellgate: Worcester
Jack Of Diamonds
My Escape
Power Shift
Damage Control
Red Eyed Friend

Sonic Syndicate Lineup:

Richard Sjunnesson - Vocals
Roland Johansson - Vocals
Roger Sjunnesson - Guitars
Robin Sjunnesson - Guitars
Karin Axelsson - Bass Guitar
John Bengtsson - Drums

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