Acoustic Adventures

Sonata Arctica

I remember being blown away when I first heard "Silence" by SONATA ARCTICA, the melodies […]
By Joganegar
February 23, 2022
Sonata Arctica - Acoustic Adventures album cover

I remember being blown away when I first heard "Silence" by SONATA ARCTICA, the melodies and the harmonies were too astonishing and made me think of icy landscapes and snowy mountains full of magic and a special element that had to be present in order for such music to be produced. Later on, the band went through some major changes and the music had a few transformations, which according to their own words maybe permanent, but the main element always remained the same.  The world has changed quite a while since that album was released, everyone has grown weary of a two-year shutdown and the sentiment of sensitivity can be a little aroused all across the globe; In that same mood SONATA ARCTICA supplies us with a soundtrack to accompany such times with "Acoustic Adventures Volume One" a new approach to some of their most classic tracks like "Talulah" , "Don't say a Word" or the eternal "Wolf and Raven", which by the way sounds pretty interesting in the way in which it is depicted in this album, with new features and tones produced in its entirety by acoustic instruments and the unique sound they produce.

As you grow older things start to acquire more and more subtlety, not only because you are less strong but because you are wiser. Maybe it was the tendency of the band for this year that is rapidly beginning. To accept and embrace change just as the world does with every passing season instead of fighting it. A lot of controversy may surround this sort of decisions but then again whether you follow these vicissitudes because you like them or because you hate them, they still get a lot of recognition both from fans of old and people just getting to know the band.

An element that makes this record much more enjoyable is the coalescence of elements like instruments that share the characteristics of the ones that were employed to make the original tracks which are released in this record but in its acoustic versions like banjo instead of electric guitar, grand piano or harpsichord instead of the keyboards and all sorts of percussion instead of the usual bass drum  and are not just covers of something that already exists, but a whole new creation all within itself if you listen really carefully. A completely brand new chance to appreciate tracks you already know and love from a more hairsplitting perspective.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Acoustic Adventures" Track-listing:

1. The Rest of the Sun Belongs to Me
2. For the Sake of Revenge
3. A little less understanding
4. Alone in Heaven
5. Tallulah
6. Don't Say a Word
7. As if the World wasn't Ending
8. Paid in Full
9. Tonight I Dance Alone
10. The Wolves Die Young
11. Wolf and Raven
12. On the Faultline

Sonata Arctica Lineup:

Tony Kakko-  Vocals
Henrik Klingenberg-  Keyboards
Elias Viljanen-  Guitars
Pasi Kauppinen - Bass
Tommy Portimo Drums

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