Inverted World


SOMAGLIA present a psychedelic interpretation of a dystopian reality set in a world not unlike […]
February 12, 2022
Somaglia - Inverted World album cover

SOMAGLIA present a psychedelic interpretation of a dystopian reality set in a world not unlike our own. The album covers an eclectic range of influences and genres from Black Metal, Trip-Hop and Folk to Progressive and Psychedelic Rock. Lyrically, "Inverted World" follows a young man's journey through an awakening process in which he struggles to come to terms with the nature of reality, falls down endless conspiracy rabbit holes, battles addiction, consumerism & technology overload and ultimately understands what it means to be an outsider in a backwards world. The album contains seven tracks.

"God is Dead" leads off the album. It opens with tense keyboard tones and some buzzing. Right away, I notice that the production is just a bit muted. Open it up, and let it breathe. The sound is an odd combination of depressive Rock (think THE CURE) and more modern techniques. "Recalcitrant" begins with sterile, cold harsh vocals and a riff that almost sound jovial. The combination of sounds, along with the rapped vocal passage around the ¾ mark is bordering on bizarre. What have I got here exactly? "Wonderland" opens with more solemn clean guitars...nothing like the song title. Leads come in from there, followed by clean vocals. Psychedelic tones take over from there...think THE DOORS meet GHOST, especially with the old school keyboards.

"Consumer" begins with electronic noises and a dirty riff. "C'mon, let's go" the singer beguiles. The rhythm of the vocals from there are again, almost rap like, along with the drum samples. Try not to get sucked into their's hard not to do. But when you are there, you sort of look around with a question mark above your head. "The March of Tyranny" is perhaps a political statement of sorts. Following a clean vocal passage, harsh vocals come in, along with that same old school keyboard sound. I can't decide if this is a tribute to the Rock bands of the 60's, or if it surpasses every decade and jumps to the year 2060. ...and there it is. The statement on wearing masks and COVID. I don't care for their stance here, unless it is tongue in cheek.

"Dear Rulers" is a slow paces song, with clean, echo guitars, and some somber clean vocals. "We will not comply with you" he sings. "Lies and lies, so many fucking lies" he continues on his rant. Spacey keyboards come in later, and this world is one I would not recommend stepping into. "Final Utterance" closes the album. Beginning with a long fade-in of clean guitars, and a softer sound, a guitar solo comes in along with those old school keyboards again. This time, clean female vocals take the sound into the future. Whoever it is has a very pretty voice, but they grey skies that hang overhead will eventually swallow any and all light in your world. "Is there anybody out there" she questions at the end.

Overall, this was some very strange music. It's almost campy in its presentation. I have to wonder, did these guys stumble on some magic mushrooms while camping in the desert? The dystopian world they have created on the album is noteworthy. It's wildly original, but I can't think of anyone who I might recommend this music's just way to odd. Chalk this up for unique, but that is about it.

5 / 10









"Inverted World" Track-listing:

1. God is Dead
2. Recalcitrant
3. Wonderland
4. Consumer
5. The March of Tyranny
6. Dear Rulers
7. Final Utterance

Somaglia Lineup:

Tom Collins
Ryan Stevenson

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