The Spiral Labyrinth


From their EPK, “The album is divided into six pieces, with an approximate duration of […]
November 17, 2023

From their EPK, “The album is divided into six pieces, with an approximate duration of 10’ each. It’s a conceptual journey through different scenarios with the common denominator on the pain, the anguish, the hypersensitivity and the struggle with a highly functioning depression, which is absolutely based on a real condition.” The album has eight songs. “Vessel Part 1: The Night Within” is first. The sound is despondent, with horrid harsh vocals and a slow-moving riff. Both the bass guitar and lead guitar augment the sound well.

“Vessel Part 2: The Day We All Failed” is a shorter song with clean guitar tones and vocals. It continues the previous song with depressive and melancholy elements. The switching of modes from clean to harsh accent what the band is trying to get across…the battle of one fighting his own demons. “The End of All Things Endless” is a stark statement…with bass notes chugging away at the bottom end, and even some riffs that have a tender quality to them. The lyrical message is about trying to do good for yourself, and for others.

“Yours is a Legacy of Broken Glass and Poisoned Wells” has a bit of an angrier bite to it, but there are also some very well-crafted melodies hidden within the hard structures of the song. The bass guitar work is absolutely bossy. “September 6, 1995” must have some significance with the band. It’s a strong combination of hateful tones with despondent ones, and neither seems to be winning the battle. “The Waning Glow” is about desperately hanging on to something that is dying. The angry tones represent the desire to hand on, while the depressive tones represent that which will die.

“Song for the Inert Part” has more deep, thick bass guitar under the delicate lead melodies. The clean vocals drip with the struggle he is facing, while the emotions in the ending sequence are almost too much to bear. “Ethereal/A Song for Nel” closes the album. Clean, harmonized, and depressive songs wrap up the tale. It’s actually quite charming. Overall, the album was fantastic, and you can hear the pain, and the desperation. Gebre’s bass work is one of the best parts of the album. He holds down the bottom end while above, a variety of melodies and harmonies carry the heavy burden. There is always beauty to be found in depression.


8 / 10









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"The Spiral Labyrinth" Track-listing:


1. Vessel Part I: The Night Within

2. Vessel Part 2: The Day We All Failed

3. The End of All Things Endless

4. Yours is a Legacy of Broken Glass and Poisoned Wells

5. September 6th, 1995

6. The Waning Glow

7. Song for the Inert Part

8. Ethereal/A Song for Nel


Solnegre Lineup:


Tomeu Crespí – Drums

Miguel Serra – Vocals

Gebre – Bass

Rigel – Guitars


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