Creatio Ex Nihilo: Demo Collection


SOLMYR, a mostly instrumental solo project out of Denmark, comes forth with a beautifully done […]
By James Brizuela
July 23, 2019
Solmyr - Creatio Ex Nihilo: Demo Collection album cover

SOLMYR, a mostly instrumental solo project out of Denmark, comes forth with a beautifully done black metal album. The opening track "Arrogance" begins with a very melodic opening that leads into some creepy very faint vocals. There is a deep gutter growl heard at one point and a very vile high pitch scream also heard very quickly. I appreciate the fact that the musicianship is put on the forefront for this album. The vocals do not to be present, even when I am usually not a fan of most instrumental bands, this is very well done.

The track leads into the prototypical evil sounding black metal towards the end. There is a lot of depth to this music that you can hear right from the start. A lot of tempo changes bring the dimensions of the music to life. The music also takes a lot of different changes as well. The next track, "White", is a perfect example of this. The song is much quicker and brutal in nature. Fast blast beats are heard coupled with some fast guitar riffing. The tempo changes once again to a slower viler sound. I love that SOLMYR brings so many elements of black metal into one complete sound. You get that evil prototypical black metal sound, but you also get hit with the some blistering fast blackened death metal elements.

Then there are elements of straight rock and roll that bring the music even more to life, like in "Night Wanderer". It is this well-rounded sound that made me forget completely about hearing vocals with the tracks. I was just taken back by the pure musicianship of the album. It is quite impressive that one person can achieve all these elements. The fact that there are so many sub genres blended together is impressive as well. "Demonic Tutor" begins with a very catch thrash opening that leads into a more melodic death metal type sound. All of this being put together by a single person is incredible. I mean the cheesy "Hail Satan" quotes could have been left out of the track, but it still makes for a killer song.

Even when I thought I was not going to be surprised again, "Soul Siphon" comes in with the completely vile vocals. Even though the musicianship of the album is enough, I love the vocals on this track. This whole track delivers on every facet of the prototypical evil black metal sound. There is just so much to like about this album. "Iceborn Northlands" comes in with the more atmospheric sounding hero metal. There is almost every metal element existing in this one album. There is of course the complete underlying black metal sound that is present throughout, but the many sub genres that are blended in make for an incredible technically executed album.

SOLMYR is a very talented solo project that everyone who loves metal will appreciate. Put this album on your absolutely listen list.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Creatio Ex Nihilo: Demo Collection" Track-listing:

1. Arrogance
2. White
3. Night Wanderer
4. The First Council of Nicaea
5. Demonic Tutor
6. Soul Siphon
7. Iceborn Northlands
8. Behold, the Cometh Passing
9. Pilgrims of the Pit
10. Blanket of Stars, Veil of Twilight
11. Creatio Ex Nihilo

Solmyr Lineup:

Nickolai Matthiassen - All Instruments

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