The Truth Behind the Lies


SOLITARY is a British Thrash Metal band formed in 1994 and active ever since. Despite […]
By Kevin Lewis
October 13, 2020
Solitary - The Truth Behind the Lies album cover

SOLITARY is a British Thrash Metal band formed in 1994 and active ever since. Despite being around for 26 years, "The Truth Behind The Lies" is only their fourth full-length LP. After listening to this record for the better part of a week straight, I'm left to wonder why they have not gotten bigger than they currently are. Hopefully these guys can catch a good tour once concerts really get back to full strength. Their latest offering hits the shelves October 23, 2020 via Metalville Records.

Right off the bat, the first track starts with a punishing riff and killer bottom end. "I Will Not Tolerate" is an angst filled song full of aggression and attitude. The guitars are fast and the blast beats plentiful. Kudos to the bassist for being able to keep up with this frenetic pace. You immediately learn these are serious musicians who take pride in their tradecraft. This is a really good lead track. It truly sets the pace for the rest of the record.

I watched the lyric video for "Abominate" and was impressed with the complexity of the wording and the vocabulary used. As a big reader in my youth, and a huge fan of intelligent metal, I like songs that make me think. Perseverance in the face of hopelessness, something I have struggled with in the past. That darkness just before the dawn that is scary and fascinating at the same time. I relate to songs like this on a visceral level.

"The Truth Behind The Lies" is another blistering song with a plenty of the attitude displayed earlier. "Catharsis" continues the trend. These guys don't give you a break. You can rest in the half second between the songs. I'd bet when they go live, the crowd loves it when they chat between songs because they get to catch their collective breath. I love shows like that. I leave exhausted and happy.

"Spawn Of Hate" is a good wrap up to this album. You hear the same thing all the way through. High quality thrash metal from start to finish. I have to backtrack for a second though. My favorite track on this record is "Homage To The Broken". The lines "We don't need bars/We build our own cell" just hit me. There is no jail stronger than the one I condemn myself to for my own perceived crimes, those things I do that I regret or feel remorse for. Whether that's what the writer meant or not matters not to me, that's what I hear and feel. That's where I relate.

Whether the guitars are in sync or shredding on their own path, they work together well. Richard and Andy are a good team. Those little fills in some of the sections that just linger there under the riff, not coming out front to overshadow the rhythm are well-placed and well-executed. Roy is a beast on the skins. His ability to shift from blast beats to a double bass while riding a cymbal is pure thrash gold. Gaz is insanely good at staying the mid-ground. Not trying to dominate, and not hiding under the riff. He just hovers in that sweet spot.

SOLITARY needs to break out and get more recognition on a larger scale. These guys have been doing this for 24 years and it shows. They are really good at what they do. They thrash. They don't try to play the sappy ballads, they don't try to move through power metal. They thrash. They don't try to pretty things up with frills and fancy stuff. They thrash. Pure, simple Thrash Metal done well. Bravo.

8 / 10









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"The Truth Behind the Lies" Track-listing:

1. I Will Not Tolerate
2. The Dark...The Resilient
3. Abominate
4. Homage to the Broken
5. The Truth Behind The Lies
6. Catharsis
7. DTR (Dishonour True Reality)
8. Spawn Of Hate

Solitary Lineup:

Richard Sherrington - Vocals/Guitar
Andy Mellor - Lead Guitars
Roy Miller - Drums
Gaz Harrop - Bass

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