Soleil Moon

SOLEIL MOON is a band that was formed in 1999 in the city of Chicago […]
By Caio Botrel
September 25, 2019
Soleil Moon - Warrior album cover

SOLEIL MOON is a band that was formed in 1999 in the city of Chicago by musicians Larry King and John Blasucci. The band's first album "Worlds Apart" was released in 2000 and had three singles on the Top 20 chart, which made the band go on their first national tour in the United States. Twelve years after the debut release, the band releases their second album ''On The Way To Everything'' in 2012 and recently released their third studio album ''Warrior'' in 2019 and that's what we're going to talk about.

The first song on the album is called "'72 Camaro" and it starts with a guitar riff that reminds me a little of VAN HALEN songs. Soon after the vocals come in and perfectly match the excellently executed instrumental. The music has good melodies and the chorus is very sticky, you will want to start singing out loud. The second song "Here For You" is a ballad reminded me of WHITESNAKE for a few moments. It's a very nice ballad to hear, it has good melodies, vocal lines and the highlight goes to the guitarist who did an amazing solo.

The next song is called "You And I" and starts with an extremely fun guitar riff that even sounds like the great Joe Satriani playing. It is a song more different from the previous two, has some different influences and a more pop vibe. It is a very commercial song. "Just So You Know" starts off grandly and sounds like the ideal song to play in an arena. It has some interesting pianos and the chorus is extremely sticky. The guys were inspired.

The song "Can't Go On" is very interesting and has a good guitar groove aligned with a good bass, drums and a keyboard that perfectly matched the song. Then come in some acoustic guitars lined up with great riffs and guitar arrangements. The solo of the song is inspired and is a good ballad. "Halfway To Nowhere" is a ballad that starts with a piano and good vocals, creating an interesting ambience. The music is a bit progressive, as it gradually grows until the guitars, drums and bass come in.

"How Long" starts with a groovy acoustic guitar and a very interesting guitar. The song follows the formula of the previous songs, having good bass, drums, vocal lines and a sticky chorus. It is a classic Hard Rock song. The next song "Nothing Matters" starts with a piano, guitar solo and acoustic guitar. The ambience of the song is interesting and a bit reminiscent of some previous tracks, the band kept the same formula of success. The chorus is so fucking good.

"When I'm With You" and "Before The Rainbow" are two ballads that fit the album perfectly. They follow the melodic line of the previous songs and the use of acoustic guitars, good guitar and piano solos. The title track "Warrior" is the most different from the album, even keeping some elements already used in the previous songs of the album. There is a part of the song that is very crazy, with a jazz vibe and that sounded very interesting in the music. The album ends with the song "420" which clearly talks about cannabis. It's a song where apparently the musicians could express their affection for the weed. It's a fun song.

Overall the album is very good and the instrumental and vocals were performed to the utmost perfection. It's a band that needs to focus more on writing material and playing, as they would surely achieve great results.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Warrior" Track-listing:

1. '72 Camaro
2. Here For You
3. You and I
4. Just So You Know
5. Can't Go On
6. Halfway To Nowhere
7. How Long
8. Nothing Matters
9. When I'm With You
10. Before The Rainbow
11. Warrior
12. 420

Soleil Moon Lineup:

Larry King - Vocals
John Blasucci - Keyboards
Khari Parker - Drums
Chris Siebold - Guitars
Lamar Jones - Bass

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