Fall from Eternity


Finnish Black and Death metal tyrants SOLACIDE have released an album of everlasting damnation under […]
By Suicide Cliff
October 19, 2021
Solacide - Fall from Eternity album cover

Finnish Black and Death metal tyrants SOLACIDE have released an album of everlasting damnation under SATURNAL RECORDS.  This being their second full length album, "Fall from Eternity" is a supernatural force to be reckoned with.  Featuring relentless drums, ethereally menacing guitars and fiercely poignant vocal tones the band pushes genre boundaries in a natural and raw manner.  I must say from the start that the record is excellently produced.  Even though it has some of the grittiness familiar with black metal it is polished and refined.  It strikes a perfect balance between the two polarities in my opinion.

The first track, "Fall from Eternity" is the title track of the album and wastes no time getting right into the brutal and demented sounds of the damned.  The vocals of Iiro Juntenen are excellent and do well to match the rhythms and timing of the music and his range goes from black to death to even cleans in other songs.  Since Kimmo Korhonen is also contributing to vocals it's hard to tell  who is who at times but they complement each other well and it adds that depth of tonality that many bands struggle with having only one vocalist with limited range.  The guitars are non-stop and do well to enhance the atmosphere of damnation.  Consisting of tremolo picking and waltzy disturbing melodies I can tell the technical skill of the guitarists is off the charts.  There's a little flashy sweep sounding part but besides that it shows they have much restraint and endurance and are playing to convey the soul of the music and not have some wank fest which I know they are capable of doing.  It's very tasteful and crushing.

My favorite track also happens to be the next track which is titled , "Forsaken by Gods".  The vocal range of the band is displayed to an even greater degree than the previous song.  The way they seamlessly transition from heavy and fast paced sections to dreamy and atmospheric soundscapes is truly impressive.  It is something very unique and it's hard to find such skill in composition and nuance within the extreme metal genre.  During the chorus there is a blend of clean and screamed vocals that is a very peculiar and original texture which works out great in my opinion and makes this very song memorable.  It is very much a roller coaster of a ride and transitions sweetly into the next song "Oblivion" with clean guitars strumming the chord progression as if bards performing in the palace of a mighty king peacefully regaling the past battle of slaughter and bloodshed.

The whole album is a really spectacular masterpiece and I enjoyed every second of it.  Another highlight is the mind blowing solo in "Far Beyond Reality".  I could keep writing about how awesome every single song is but I don't want to drag on for too long.  Just go listen to the album!!  It's so fantastic and the depth, range and skill of every member is noteworthy.  If you are a fan of black and death metal then you simply must listen to this album.

10 / 10









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"Fall from Eternity" Track-listing:

1. Fall from Eternity
2. Forsaken by Gods
3. Oblivion
4. Far Beyond Reality
5. The Coldest Night
6. Spirit Hibernation
7. Away from Light

Solacide Lineup:

Sami Heinonen - Bass
Henri Sinokki - Guitars
Iiro  Juntenen - Vocals
Matti Jauhola - Drums
Kimmo Korhonen - Guitar, Vocals

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