Sol Sistere

Sol Sistere

Hailing from Chile, a country mostly known for its great wine and for giving birth […]
By Joganegar
January 18, 2022
Sol Sistere - Sol Sistere album cover

Hailing from Chile, a country mostly known for its great wine and for giving birth to a great frontman like Tom Araya, Sol Sistere release their third full-length album to secure the band's presence in today's Metal scene. Launching a more and more personal sound and style with each new album, this south american ensemble have launched a work of atmospheric Black Metal than can be equated to the great champions of the genre unofficially started by BURZUM so many years ago. After releasing their two first Albums with the dutch record label Hammerheart records, the band have managed to sign with the London based, international metal festival proprietors, Cult of Parthenope in order to start promoting this new album which was released just three months ago in the last months of last year; Launched worldwide during this uncertain times, this piece of musical assurance delivers all the constituents required for a third full-length album to create a strong foundation for the future of the band.

With changes much needed in production and logistics, the frontiers created by man are erased by music, talent and determination allowing the artist to become a citizen of the world, with features in its sound and image that could very well belong to a band from any country; What the future holds for SOL SISTERE may still be a mystery, but without a doubt fans, and colleagues alike will stand still just like the sun in the solstice awaiting to change direction at its northern or southern limit, whether it continues, just like this bands success depends solely on its essence and perseverance.

One can't help but feel lured by a song such as "Ashes" the third track of this self titled album, with an enigmatic and surrounding acoustic intro that permeates the air before adding a crescendo of riffs that construct the ideal abode for Black Metal connoiseurs: The voyage continues deeper and deeper into the netherrealm with "Nothofagus" and "Black Mass" all the way to the longest track on the record, named after the band and the record itself, a ten and a half minute long song with intricate passages that highlight each element of the band and the idyllic closure that launches this band forward to the stark and withered realms that can only be found in the greatest pieces of Black Metal History; an outstanding band with an outstanding production that shows that the genre is thriving not only in the typical places where it is found, but all across the globe.

10 / 10









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"Sol Sistere" Track-listing:

1. The Shimmer pt. 1
2. The Narrow Path
3. Ashes
4. Nothofagus
5. Black Mass
6. The Shimmer pt. 2
7. Unspoken Verb
8. Sol Sistere

Sol Sistere Lineup:

Alfredo Perez- Vocals
Carlos Fuentes- Guitar
Ricardo Araya- Guitar
Pedro Chavez- Bass
Pablo Vera-Drums

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