Live in the Heart of Helsinki


SOILWORK is one of Sweden's long standing Melodic Death Metal bands. Formed in 1995 by […]
February 13, 2015
Soilwork - Live in the Heart of Helsinki album cover

SOILWORK is one of Sweden's long standing Melodic Death Metal bands. Formed in 1995 by singer Björn Strid and Guitarist Peter Wichers, they have released nine studio albums to date, and have firmly cemented themselves as one of the all-time best bands in this style of music. This landmark, live double CD and DVD is called "Live in the Heart of Helsinki," and contains twenty-three tracks. As a track by track review would be overkill, I want to highlight the songs and performances that I believe make the live album shine best.

"This Momentary Bliss" is the perfect opening track to this live album. The glittering melody is tempered so perfectly with the aggression of the Death Metal vocals and angered instrumentation. It's a reminder that Soilwork really knows how to pour on the harmonies, melodies and use of a big chorus. "Weapon of Vanity" is another highlight here. The main riff is just majestic, and the band lets this more rhythmic number sway your head back and forth involuntarily. "Distortion Sleep" is another strong live track here. The waves of euphoria in the chorus come at you over and over again, keeping that smile on your face there permanently throughout. Yet, the main riff is very much in charge.

I love the crowd reaction to the acoustic opening of "Let This River Flow." Clearly a fan favorite, this track more than any really shows the bands compositional talent with one of the most memorable set of hooks that they have. "Tongue" is another really well performed song, showcasing among other things the immense talent that drummer Dirk Verbueren brings to this band. I have always marveled at the interlude here and the guitar solo section, coming completely out of left field and piercing the clouds with its unabashed beauty. "Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter" is another wonderfully melodic but intense piece, showing more of their aggressive side, as does "Black Star Deceiver."

Sometimes keyboards make a nice presence as in the slower, more intentional song called "As We Speak." It has a darker and more ominous sound where the spacy keyboards really provide a nice accent to the rest of the instrumentation. Closing the performance is another fan favorite "Stabbing the Drama." It's another monumentally bombastic song that relies heavily on the deep, powerful chords. As far as the quality and performance live, this is outstanding. There is a really nice mixture of sing along melodies and hastened Death Metal elements, and representatives of both earlier and later album works. Though it is heavier on the later material, I find this completely appropriate for the date of release.

This is just a wonderful collection of one of the true giant, legendary bands of this genre.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Live in the Heart of Helsinki" Track-listing:

1. This Momentary Bliss
2. Like the Average Stalker
3. Overload
4. Weapon of Vanity
5. Spectrum of Eternity
6. Follow the Hollow
7. Parasite Blues
8. Distortion Sleep
9. Bastard Chain
10. Let This River Flow
11. Long Live the Misanthrope
12. Tongue
13. Nerve
14. The Chainheart Machine
15. The Living Infinite I
16. Rise Above the Sentiment
17. Late for the Kill Early for the Slaughter
18. Rejection Role
19. Black Star Receiver
20. As the Sleeper Awakes
21. Sadistic Lullaby
22. As We Speak
23. Stabbing the Drama

Soilwork Lineup:

Björn Strid - Vocals
Sylvain Coudret - Guitar
David Andersson - Guitar
Ola Flink - Bass
Sven Karlsson - Keyboards, Samples
Dirk Verbueren - Drums

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