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Sober Truth

We are delighted to have a thrash/groove metal band called SOBER TRUTH who have been […]
November 27, 2021
Sober Truth - Laissez Faire

We are delighted to have a thrash/groove metal band called SOBER TRUTH who have been active since 2007. They broke onto the metal scene with their debut album titled RIVEN in 2008, followed by their second album titled OUTTA HELL in 2010. It wasn't for another 4 years before they released their EP titled NEW SLAVERY WORLD with 5 tracks altogether their third album LOCUS LUNATIC ASYLUM in 2017 before their fourth album PSYCHOSIS came in 2019. A single release came then in 2021 with DIZYGOTIC TWINS before this was included on their fifth album LAISSEZ FAIRE, LUCIFERI.

The band are a quartet from different parts all over Germany and they have been described as "a unique metal mix that takes its audience into another world". But in terms of their sound they are "a combination of melancholy, rich sounds, energetic guitar riffs, driving drums and purely basslines that can inspire fans of progressive rock/metal and groove metal alike". The album opens with a short instrumental track titled "Début Diable" featuring mechanical noises and orchestral brass sounds then bangs into the next track.

"Distinctive" with guitar leading a race with drums & bass also supporting. Guitar goes through a twisting effect possibly filtered or processed somehow. Drums punch their way through and really set the foundation with bass guitar as well. Vocals are but sinister and very cool yet devious or occultic. There is a pause at one point only for guitar to stab through the mix, where drums embellish, vocals continue to express anger and violent themes. Then going wild to introduce the next track titled "Dizygotic Twins" which starts with an echo, mysterious but overwhelming start. Tempo is pulled back slightly for guitar to shine through, drums setting the pace and vocals growl vigorously.

For a bit, guitar & bass take the lead accenting or highlighting this passage for vocals on drums to bite back. "Imperfection" with guitar vibrato and kick-ass drumming with astonishing vocals. The vocal lines go from growls or screams to the horrifying whispers in a very stimulating way. This is a monster of a track stomping on the surface of thrash or groove metal. "Entre Les Chansons" another instrumental track with aesthetic feel and movement noises with more eerie sounds.

The sound of one of these noises is very like an airplane and the other sounds more ominous and creepy. "D.N.A." coming into your face with pure progressive drumming and guitar slashing through with style. Drums and guitar correlate to replicate similar rhythm and tonal quality. "Planted Brains" has a more alternative rock guitar with insinuating vocals and vocals echoing to the guitar ringing. Vocals take change with mellow guitar and a building crescendo from drums, each instrument making their mark.

This track also goes for a lengthy 7 minutes but does feature wild guitar hooks and captivating vocals. "Rebirth" bursts with continuous drumming, riveting guitar and then thrash metal twist for vocals to drop in. Drums are more clinical and well arranged but vocals impress us more with loud screeches. Guitar runs wild at the end leading into the next track "Happy, Enjoy & Death" comes with more metallic and heavy metal sounds. Swings and roundabouts with what goes on here with each instrument.

"Entre Les Chansons II" another instrumental track with organ sounds and ambient soundscape morphing into piano maybe. "Limbus" with enduring guitar riffs and drum patterns, creates a lead part for vocals and drums to contribute nicely. Vocals and guitar create a mellow passage for drums to fully commit. "Taste Unplugged" with acoustic guitar picking and vocals taking a sort of baritone or operatic approach. Vocals go deep in tone as low as it can go and there is an accompanying instrument like synthesizer maybe.

A fitting tribute to what we have heard before, the album is but staggering full of ideas, sounds and concepts unlike some thrash bands I have heard before. It's a very interesting compilation for a thrash/groove metal band who have been around for over 10 years. Full appraisal and all around applause and credit where it is due for a well arranged album.

8 / 10









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"Laissez Faire, Luciferi" Track-listing:

1. Début Diable
2. Distinctive
3. Dizygotic Twins
4. Imperfection
5. Entre Les Chansons
6. D.N.A.
7. Planted Brains
8. Rebirth
9. Hope, Enjoy & Death
10. Entre Les Chansons II
11. Limbus
12. Taste Unplugged

Sober Truth Lineup:

Torsten Schamm - Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting & Lyrics
Aaron Vogelsberg - Guitars, Songwriting & Lyrics
Jules Rockwell - Bass Guitar
Paul Bendler - Drums

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