A World Full Of Lies


I can recall the ads of that era, when the debut album from these Greek […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 27, 2006
Snowblind - A World Full Of Lies album cover

I can recall the ads of that era, when the debut album from these Greek metallers was about to be released. It was during 2001 and the ads read something about the ex-Nightfall guitarist Mike Galiatsos and a 'new' (back then) project with a 'retro' sound deriving - among others - from the spirit of Black Sabbath. It was a good motive to listen one more time to the Snowblind debut, just after the audition of A World Full Of Lies was over for the tenth time.
Greek Black/Dark Metal veterans Nightfall enlisted the 'heavy' figure of Mike Galiatsos for 10 years, if I can recall well. Still, with Snowblind Mike shown his intentions to try another kind of craftmanship for awhile. Even if initially 'born' as a project Snowblind are here to stay with A World Full Of Lies anno 2006. Not clearly calling to mind the musical value of the Lord Of My Fate (2003) effort, it now seems that Galiatsos and his compatriots - fellow axeman Jim Aggelopoulos had already recorded some sarcastic riffing in Nightfall's Lesbian Show (1997) album - are rather confident on what they're doing.
'Diving' in the glorious past of the 80s sound, it is rather remarkable that the band does cleverly attach various 90s elements in their music. In specific: Mike's voice is 'smoky', passionate and - I think, in purpose - limited to a normal 'pitch'. He does sound narrative from time to time, while lovers of frontmen like e.g. Rhett Forrester (Riot - R.I.P.), Jay C. Blade (Oz), Mike Scalzi (Slough Feg) and Ronald Van Prooien (Picture) will applaud with delight and followers of Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost) will also find enough interest. The guitars' presence is typical for the genre, with simple yet ample riffs endorsed by 'roving' solos (some fine leads - referring to Iron Maiden and British Metal - included, too).
I'd like the rhythm section to be a little bit tighter, even if this fact is further 'unveiled' due to the mediocre production. To be more precise, through the whole track listing there is this apparent 'vibe' that tunes and parts would be more impressive backed by a more 'solid' sound. Added, some post-80s modules ('dark' atmosphere at times, renaissance/medieval harmonies here and there) often expressed by 90s bands do contribute to a more unique personality; hence the presence of a better mix could easily expose 'em at fist hearing.
Anyway, this does not prevent the band from delivering very good tunes applicable for - mostly - the 80s Metal maniacs that feel the urge to 'travel' from time to time. Not bolted with the typical straightforward Heavy Metal release - following the Judas Priest/Saxon/Accept cliches - A World Full Of Lies did 'win' me. The most 'varied/lyrical' Snowblind release of all three, for the time, this CD may be.

7 / 10


"A World Full Of Lies" Track-listing:

A World Full Of Lies
Load Your Guns
Last Time
Forever Like One
The Smile Of Death
Fighting The Gods
My Heart Is Black
Immortal War
Betrayers All Around
Money In Your Grave
Facing The Sky
Hell Of The War

Snowblind Lineup:

Mike Galiatsos - Guitars & Vocals
Jim Aggelopoulos - Guitars
George Aggelopoulos - Bass
George Karachalios - Drums

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