Hope Springs Eterntal

Snow White Blood

SNOW WHITE BLOOD is a Symphonic Metal band based out of Germany. Formed in 2013, […]
November 21, 2020
Snow White Blood - Hope Springs Eternal album cover

SNOW WHITE BLOOD is a Symphonic Metal band based out of Germany. Formed in 2013, the previously released an EP titled "Once Upon a Fairytale" in 2016. Now, they are back with their debut full length, titled "Hope Springs Eternal," which contains eight tracks. "Shared Hearts" leads off the album. It opens with beautiful piano melodies and a slight Power Metal sound. Ulli's vocals are quite charming. The symphonic elements are readily assimilated but do not take over the song. The guitar solo is very fitting.

"Longing for the Sea" begins with more of those luscious piano keys and some strings. The main guitar riff is heavy and powerful. The song is very well put together, not just relying on the vocals of Ulli. Indeed, the guitars help to build the song as well. A key change towards the end really puts emphasis on the message. "Drop a Stitch" begins with a tough guitar riff and some darker symphonic elements. The sounds here is full and rich. The vocals are a bit lower in the registry but fit the song very well. Following the second chorus the song really picks up, then drops to just Ulli's harmonized vocals.

"Never Ending Waltz" begins with softer tones...leading to some light vocal moans. The riff drops and it's heavy and weighted, and the pace is slow. The vocals are soft in the verses, high with emotion. The sound begins to build to a crescendo towards the end, with every instrument joining in. Ulli lets loose and really powers in the upper ranges. It's a very poignant ending to a very pretty song. "You Belong to Me" is over seven minutes in length, opening with a grand guitar riff and some heavy, dark tones. The vocals are harmonized with a male here. It's a bit of a love story if you will. The sound drops around the five-minute mark, to just some light symphonic elements and then roars forward to completion.

"The Court Jester" begins with a fast moving energy from the guitars and keys. Orchestral elements are added as well. The vocals are grand in the chorus. It ends with another big crescendo letting you know that this quartet has very strong songwriting skills. "Rising of the Sun" is just under seven-minutes in length, opening with some dark tones, and leading a grinding guitar riff under some mysterious tones. It takes a brief pause around the half-way mark with a gunshot, followed by a depressing piano passage, then gathers steam for the strong ending sequence.

"Falling Stars" closes the album, with charming but melancholy tones that tug at your heart strings. The vocals are very emotional here, as well as the guitar solo. It caps off what was a very beautiful album overall. Often times, when we hear Symphonic music, it's all about the singer, and the instruments sometimes get lost along the way. Here with SNOW WHITE BLOOD's "Hope Springs Eternal," there is an excellent balance of vocals and instrumentation. Ulli's vocals are very charming, there is no doubt about that, and she can hold steady in all ranges. But the guitars and other elements are just as good, and this band needs to be mentioned when you are talking about the greats in the genre, such as EPICA and NIGHTWISH, for example. Move over and make some room for SNOW WHITE BLOOD.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Hope Springs Eterntal" Track-listing:

1. Shared Hearts
2. Longing for the Sea
3. Drop a Stitch
4. Never Ending Waltz
5. You Belong to Me
6. The Court Jester
7. Rising of the Sun
8. Falling Stars

Snow White Blood Lineup:

Ulli Perhonen - Vocals & Orchestra
Christian Weber - Guitars
Thomas Schmitt - Bass
Max Rudolph - Drums

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