Snakeskin God

Snakeskin God

Slithering in from the vibrant beaches of Greece comes SNAKESKIN GOD.  The band features Nikos […]
By Emily Schneider
January 6, 2021
Snakeskin God - Snakeskin God album cover

Slithering in from the vibrant beaches of Greece comes SNAKESKIN GOD.  The band features Nikos who is also known for his vocals in metal bands OMEN and MAURADER. The trio formed in 2016 and their debut self titled album was finally released in November 2020. The music itself is a kickass blend of Hard Rock, Classic Metal, with touches of Stoner Rock and NWOBHM.

"U-Turn" is a stellar kickstart to the album with some classic Metal riffs that remind me a lot of MOTORHEAD. "Tripping" has more of a Psych/Stoner Rock vibe to the melody. There's this smoky almost euphoric tone about it and the mixing involved adds to it. The vocals have such a Chris Cornell feel to them with the raw and gritty aspects as well. "A.S.A.I.G" is a party anthem of sorts lyrically. It's easy to imagine trashing a hotel room to this song with the amount of attitude the riffs along evoke as well! "Booze & Roll" & "Tough Love" are both just pure Rock n Roll with a Bluesy twist.

"My Temple" is more of an emotional track lyrically, but still keeps the Hard Rock feel musically. "The Life" is an ode to life on the road as a musician. The galloping rhythms and rolling guitar riffs makes it easy to imagine a tour bus and the world rushing by through a car window. "Ecstatic Dance" is the 12 minute instrumental track to bring this album to a close. There's just a splash of middle eastern flair in the riffs at first, then it shifts to pure Rock, then some Blues soaked goodness at the end.

 Overall, SNAKESKIN GOD released a solid first album. They have some catchy hooks and great riffs, which makes for a good formula for Hard Rock. I also really liked Nikos' vocal style; it was very Grunge Rock at times and fit the music well. I do think some of the songs sounded similar and I'd catch myself losing interest midway through some of the tracks. The instrumental track was certainly intriguing though and did show this band has potential to shed its skin (so to speak) into something truly unique down the road.

7 / 10









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"Snakeskin God" Track-listing:

1. U-Turn
2. Tripping
3. A.S.A.I.G.
4. Booze & Roll
5. Tough Love
6. My Temple
7. The Life
8. Ecstatic Dance

Snakeskin God Lineup:

Nikos "Migus" Antonogiannakis: vocals
Ilias Margaritis: guitars/bass
Chris Tsouris: drums

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