Step into the Light

Snakes in Paradise

SNAKES IN PARADISE is a hard rock band based out of Stockholm, Sweden and was […]
By Eric Tinmouth-Poulin
December 1, 2018
Snakes in Paradise - Step into the Light album cover

SNAKES IN PARADISE is a hard rock band based out of Stockholm, Sweden and was was formed back in 1990. The band is currently signed to the Frontiers Records label and this is their latest album entitled "Step Into The Light". The opener "Wings of Steel" has a nice share of clean guitars and heavier ones as well with some added distortion. The first few notes sung by Stefan Berggren remind me a bit of Jorn Lande. There is a definitely that old school rocking VAN HALEN side to the music as well. It is music that has emotion and passion, and does not have an ego. It even has a slight dose of spoken word, something that was very popular with the American hard rockers mentioned above.

"Silent Sky" has a nice little 1980's style to it, especially in the reverb effects used in the guitars. A band I never thought I would mention as a comparison is the Montreal-based band PARADOX that had some success back in the mid-80's. The song relies on a strong chorus, a song that would have been a hit on the radio 30 years ago but still sounds fresh today. "Will You Remember Me" is a much more upbeat and happier number, which really has that FOREIGNER side to it, with a hint of keyboards and some love-themed lyrics, which will never grow old in the rock genre. This is rock played without pretention, just good time rock and roll.

Another strong track on the album is "Living Without Your Love" which again, does not try to break new ground, it just wants to make the listener feel good about himself and have something easy to listen to, and in that regard, it succeeds completely. "Love On The Otherside" sounds like it came out of JEFF PETTY's songbook. I am not sure if the song was meant to be an ode to the fallen rocker, but it definitely has that kind of atmosphere and essence to it. It has a heavier edge to it than what we would have heard from the heartbreaker himself. The two elements come together very well.

Lastly, the title track "Step Into The Light" which happens to be the final song on the album is mellow and in its country-like theme may not seem like the best way to end the album, but it works surprisingly well. It has that feel-good moment to it. Overall, no boundaries are broken here, and no I am not making a pun considering the label this band is now presently on. I am well aware that label has a great deal of hard rock, soft rock acts, but many of those bands have been around for many years and have perfected their craft in matching feeling with musical arrangements, and this band is no different.

7 / 10









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"Step into the Light" Track-listing:

1. Wings of Steel
2. Silent sky
3. Will You Remember Me
4. Angelin
5. Living Without Your Love
6. If I Ever See The Sun
7. After the fire is gone
8. Love On The Otherside
9. Things
10. Liza
11. Life's Been Good To You & Me
12. Step Into The Light

Snakes in Paradise Lineup:

Stefan Berggren - Vocals
Thomas Jakobsson - Guitars
Stefan Jonsson - Guitars
Thomas Thorberg - Bass
Peter Pettersson - Drums
Tomas Jansson - Keyboards

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