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Snake Eye

Writing about a band that plays your favorite musical genre can be a tricky thing. […]
By Zohar Racz
April 25, 2015

Writing about a band that plays your favorite musical genre can be a tricky thing. On one hand, it's exciting to learn that more people like the same thing as you do. On the other hand, your favorite music is just like your favorite dish-you know what ingredients it must contain, exactly how it tasted and in what temperature it's supposed to be served. Luckily for me, SNAKE EYE is a band that knows exactly how to cook and serve a great Glam Rock dish.

The band's new album which is simply called "Snake Eye 3" breaks a 10-year long silence. Their first and second albums ("Wild Senses" and "Ritual Instinct") were released on 2002 and 2005, respectively. No reasons for this hiatus are presented in the band's Facebook page, though extensive touring in support of eighties legends such as Europe and Paul Di'anno did take place in those years.

What ever happened to SNAKE EYE the last decade, the outcome is overwhelming. The Parisian 5 piece 3rd offering contains 11 excellent songs with a perfect mix of eighties Glam Rock and a more modern Heavy Metal sound. The rhythm section is thunderous, the guitars are over the top and the vocals almost seem to jump out of the music player in order to get your attention. SNAKE EYE's blend of heaviness and melody got me singing along the opening song ("Resurrection") by the second chorus.

For the most part of the album, it made me feel a strong urge to pick my guitar. But although both guitarists (none of them is credited as lead guitarist) are true virtuosos of the instrument, more than they make what is probably one of the eighties seven deadly sins: too much guitar. More than once the due's brake neck speed passages sound forced and fail to compliment the song they're played on. Other than that, "Snake Eye 3" is an album every Glam Rock fan would be love.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Snake Eye 3" Track-listing:

1. Resurrection
2. Freak
3. Turn Around
4. Never Enough
5. Highway To Love
6. Cry For Mercury
7. Take Me Back
8. Live To Die
9. Sail Away
10. Make It
11. All I Need

Snake Eye Lineup:

Boban Milojevic - Vocals
Xavier Paladian - Guitars
David Atlan - Guitars
Yvan Ramanantsoa - Bass

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