When you form a band, it's essential you have your influences, not only in your […]
By SamiiMittelstaedt
November 30, 2015
Snail - Feral album cover

When you form a band, it's essential you have your influences, not only in your instrument/voice, but the bands you started to play music. LED ZEPPELIN, KISS, DAVID BOWIE are some of the most popular influences by bands and isn't different with the American band called SNAIL. They play a mixture from Stoner Rock with psychedelics elements. They formed in 1992 by the singer - Mark Johnson, Matt Lynch - the bassist, and the drummer, Marty Dodson. They took a break in 1995 and started again in 2008 with the other guitarist, Eric Clausen. Your new album is called "Feral" and was released by Small Stone Recordings in September this year.

When you see the cover artwork, you imagine the artist had an acid trip. And the song tells you the same.

Let's talk about the production. I don't know if it was the band's requirement, but the production is totally crap! Is almost impossible to listen to Mark singing in most parts of the songs. The guitars are the most dirty I heard and remembers you listen a beginner band playing in a small room with no ventilation and with low quality instruments played by the musicians.

I tried to listen several Stoner Rock bands to try to understand and try to see something good in this style, but I couldn't. And every time I listen bands like SNAIL, more reasons I've to don't like it. It's a confuse elements mixture and the diversity they mixed are too big; you can't understand what the musician is giving to you. For me, I just listen loud noise with nonsense elements. I tried to listen "Feral", but I couldn't.

The only highlight I saw is a small part in "Come Home", which is very similar with LED ZEPPELIN songs, but apart from that, I couldn't like anything.
If you like this style, plus a small acid trip, you can easily like the new SNAIL album. For me, is just a crap and I hope don't listen it anymore.<

3 / 10


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"Feral" Track-listing:

1. Building a Haunted House
2. Smoke the Deathless
3. A Mustard Seed
4. Thou Art That
5. Born in Captivity
6. Derail
7. Psilocybe
8. Come Home

Snail Lineup:

Mark Johnson - Vocals, Guitars
Eric Clausen - Guitars
Matt Lynch - Bass
Marty Dodson - Drums

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